Bill payment options

    T-Mobile provides the following payment options for our customers:



    Electronic check

    Credit card

    Paying at a payment center

    Paying through the mail

    Paying over the phone







    Set up your account to make automatic monthly payments using an electronic check or credit card. Payments are automatically deducted each month approximately three days before your due date.


    To set up or manage EasyPay, refer to the following links:







    Electronic Check

    To make a payment using an electronic check, perform the following steps:


    1. Log in to My T-Mobile.
    2. After logging in to My T-Mobile, under Manage, click Billing & Payments.
    3. Click the Make a payment button or the Pay your bill link on the left side of the screen.

    4. Select the amount you would like to pay under the Payment amount section.
    5. Click the radio button next to Checking account.
    6. Enter the checking account information required, and click Next to continue.
      Note: If you click the box to sign up for EasyPay, you will be enrolled in automatic payment service.

    7. A confirmation page will appear to confirm the changes. Read and review the terms and conditions to complete the transaction.



    • If the check is returned as NSF or insufficient funds, the check will be sent one more time in an attempt to get the funds from your bank account. Any bank fees that result from attempts to collect payment are your responsibility.
    • You will receive a free text message for your payment. The message refers to the payment as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction.






    Credit Card

    To make a payment using a credit card, perform the following steps:


    1. Log in to My T-Mobile.
    2. After logging in to My T-Mobile, click the Make a payment button on the top right side of the home page.

    3. Select the amount that you would like to pay in this transaction.
    4. From the Payment method section, click to select the radio button next to ATM/debit or credit card, and enter the required information.
    5. Click Next to move to the next screen. Confirm the payment when finished.



    • T-Mobile Gift Cards are not permitted for use with the EasyPay service.
    • Acceptable credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
    • Acceptable ATM/debit cards will have the NYCE, pulse, STAR or ACCEL logos.






    Paying at a payment center

    To locate a payment center, perform the following steps:


    1. Access the Store Locator.
    2. From Find a T-Mobile Retail Store, within the Select a location type drop-down menu, select Payment center locations.
    3. Enter the address information and select submit.


    Note: The Store Locator will find the closest payment centers to your address location. 






    Paying through the mail

    To make a payment through the mail, refer to the addresses below:


    Choose the location closest to your billing address:
    PO Box 742596
    Cincinnati, OH 45274-2596
    PO Box 51843
    Los Angeles, CA 90051-6143
    PO Box 790047
    St. Louis, MO 63179-0047
    PO Box 660252
    Dallas, Texas 75266-0252



    • An account number must be referenced on all payments in order to post properly.
    • We will process payments within 24 - 48 hours of receipt. Mailing time will vary.
    • You can mail a check or money order payment through the mail. Please do not send cash.






    Paying over the phone

    You can make a payment through our automated phone system, or by speaking to a Customer Care representative by dialing 611 or 1-877-453-1304. All payments made with a Customer Care representative will have a $5.00 processing fee that will appear on your next bill.


    To avoid the $5.00 processing fee, there are a number of self-help options available to you.

    • EasyPay
    • Over the phone through the automated system
    • My T-Mobile
    • T-Mobile retail store (payment kiosks are also available at some locations)
    • Mailing the payment