Premium Handset Protection (PHP) FAQs

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    I'm careful - What could happen?

    New technology has yielded smaller and more sophisticated wireless equipment. Smaller means easier to lose, and more sophisticated means easier to break. Your equipment could fall out of your pocket, be forgotten on a bus, disappear into the pocket of a thief, or be stepped on - hundreds of unforeseen events could strike. And no matter what happens, the cost and problems are YOURS -- UNLESS you are protected.





    My wireless equipment is new. Is it covered by warranty?

    Warranties usually don't cover loss, theft, or damage. Premium Handset Protection does. Calling the manufacturer for warranty service can be difficult and time consuming. With Premium Handset Protection, your device is replaced quickly, usually with one easy call or visit.





    What are my coverage options?

    A low recurring charge will be added to your wireless bill - no separate invoices or checks to write. This fee includes the cost of the insurance premium payable to Liberty Mutual and administration fees payable to Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.


    See PHP Coverage Options and Pricing for specific information.


    Equipment Covered:


    With the PHP Bundle, you are covered for one wireless phone or device, utilizing the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card associated with your T-Mobile account at the moment of loss, theft, damage, or malfunction.


    Should your device become lost, stolen, or damaged, you are also covered for the following accessories under Premium Handset Protection Bundle or Premium Handset Protection Insurance:

    • One standard battery
    • One standard charger
    • One SIM card


    Receiving a replacement phone? Your replacement device may be new or remanufactured.

    • If the same make and model you claim is not available, a like-kind make and model may be substituted.
    • You may also receive generic manufacturer accessories.





    How do I purchase Premium Handset Protection?

    To enroll in Premium Handset Protection, visit a T-Mobile store, My T-Mobile, or call 1-800-866-2453 within 14 days of new activation, warranty exchange, or upgrade of your device.





    How do I pay for Premium Handset Protection and when does my coverage start?

    A low recurring charge will be added to your wireless bill. This fee includes the cost of the insurance premium payable to the underwriter, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, and administration fees payable to Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.


    Requests for enrollment in the Premium Handset Protection Insurance program are sent to a licensed insurance agent representing the program underwriter. Enrollment must occur no later than 14 days after the purchase of the device. As the program underwriter, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company or its agent accepts applications at its sole discretion. If accepted, the coverage is retroactive to the time the enrollment is submitted.


    Monthly billing will begin immediately following verification that your service and account status are active. After enrollment, a phone call must be completed to or from the insured equipment to complete your application and for coverage to take effect.* You can cancel coverage at any time by contacting Asurion at 1-888-805-3366.


    *Phone call not applicable to data sticks.





    Am I required to purchase Premium Handset Protection?

    T-Mobile USA has arranged for its customers to have access to this program. You are not required to purchase it in order to activate service with T-Mobile. But, without protection, you may be responsible for the full replacement cost of your phone.


    You may already have coverage through homeowner’s insurance or other means (your wireless representative is not qualified to evaluate your existing insurance coverage). Keep in mind, if you have other coverage, the deductible you would have to pay with another insurer may be higher. Any questions regarding the coverage provided should be directed to Asurion at 1-866-268-7221.





    Can I have PHP and put my equipment purchase on an installment plan?

    Generally yes; however, certain states do not permit you to add Premium Handset Protection to a purchase that is on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP). Customers residing in Idaho, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, and Wyoming are ineligible for PHP insurance and bundled features when their purchase is on a 20-installment EIP. Customers residing in those states may choose to close their EIP in order to add PHP, as long as the EIP is closed within the 14 day eligibility window following the qualifying purchase or exchange.





    How do I file a claim?

    Getting reconnected is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to file a claim and get your replacement device.


    Before You File

    Only the account holder or an authorized customer on the account can file a claim. Claims must be reported within 30 days of the incident. If your phone is lost or stolen, call T-Mobile to suspend service and prevent unauthorized calls.


    To have your claim processed as quickly as possible, please have the following ready:

    • Your mobile number.
    • The make and model of the device.
    • The date the incident occurred.


    Other required information

    • Asurion may request proof of ownership and/or government issued ID.
    • Asurion will request a police report number if you are filing a claim for a stolen device.


    How to file

    • Visit for easy and convenient claim filing (filing online usually takes less than 10 minutes).
    • Call Asurion 24 hours per day, 365 days a year at 1-866-268-7221.





    How do I contact Asurion if I have questions about my policy?

    For more information or a copy of the policy, you may visit the Phone Claim website, call Asurion at 1-866-268-7221, or send a self-addressed envelope to:


    Asurion Insurance Services, Inc.

    Attn: Legal - Compliance

    P.O. Box 110656

    Nashville, TN 37222-0656


    NOTE: Please include your mobile number so the proper policy can be delivered to you.





    Will my account status affect my coverage?

    Full payment of your T-Mobile bill each month is required. Should you fail to pay in full, the Premium Handset Protection feature can be dropped from your account. You would be eligible to add the feature to your account only upon purchasing a new phone or receiving a warranty exchange.





    How does a suspension of my T-Mobile service affect my Premium Handset Protection Service?

    The Premium Handset Protection feature is removed from accounts that are suspended for a full bill cycle due to the account being delinquent or due to being voluntarily suspended for a lost or stolen device. Customers suspended in these circumstances forfeit the insurance benefit. The insurance feature cannot be re-added to the account until an upgrade, or exchange is performed.


    The features of Mobile Security require the account to be active to work.