Can I suspend my service through My T-Mobile?

    T-Mobile allows customers to suspend or restore a line either because it is lost/stolen or if you are not planning to use your phone for a period of time and would like it to be securely turned off.


    Lost suspend


    • Customers will be charged a monthly recurring fee, although there is no fee for set up or to restore service. If canceled, an early termination fee may apply. Employee accounts would not be charged for the first 30 days and after 30 days the account will be auto-canceled if not restored. 
    • Any usage on the line (including but not limited to call charges, downloads, picture messages, and text messages) is your responsibility until the line is actually reported as lost or stolen.
    • California customers: You are NOT responsible for unauthorized charges incurred while your phone was lost or stolen.
    • Your normal monthly charges may apply.
    • Please see more on Lost or stolen phones.


    Seasonal suspend


    • There is one permitted per calendar year, with a maximum of 90 consecutive days. 
    • When requesting a Seasonal Suspend, you may set a date for the service to be restored.

      Note: The restore date cannot exceed 90 days from the date of the original suspension.

    • Your normal monthly charges may apply.
    • Charges are prorated for accounts suspended and restored within the same billing cycle or suspended for less than a full billing cycle. 
    • The account must remain current. Any Equipment Installment Plan installments missed during the suspend period will be due upon restoration of service. 
    • If applicable, your contract term is extended for an amount of time equal to the suspension, unless the account is on a shared plan where ANY of the lines remain active.


    Military suspend 


    • The service can be suspended for a maximum of 39 months. 
    • The account must remain current. Any Equipment Installment Plan installments missed during the suspend period will be due upon restoration of service. 
    • IMPORTANT: If you are in the military and wish to request a Military Suspend, please contact Customer Care.



    Additional Information 


    • If suspending for an extended period of time, as with a Seasonal or Military suspension, we recommend you set up EasyPay to maintain the good standing of your account.
    • While your line is suspended, you can perform the following: 
      • Retain your mobile number, rate plan, and any current promotions. 
      • Make a payment on My T-Mobile or by phone through the SIVR.

        Note: There will be view-only access for all other functions.

    • While your line is suspended, you cannot perform any of the following: 
      • Add or modify myFaves® contacts. 
      • Set up Call Forwarding on the suspended line. 
      • Access Voicemail. 
      • Use Premium Handset Protection (PHP) or Roadside Assistance, as they are suspended for the duration of the voluntary suspend.


    How to suspend or restore via My T-Mobile


    Note: The SIM card must be available when you are ready to restore your account as it is needed in the restoration process. You must also pay any past-due balances on your account prior to restoring service.


    1. Log in to My T-Mobile with your Username and Password.
    2. Mouse over the Manage tab.
    3. Go to the Phones & Devices column, then click Suspend/Restore a line.
    4. Select the line you want to Suspend or Restore.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete.


    Canceling T-Mobile service


    T-Mobile does not offer the ability to cancel your T-Mobile service through If you are looking for assistance canceling your T-Mobile service, please contact Customer Care.