Text & picture messaging FAQs

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about text messaging (SMS) and picture messaging (MMS).




    How do I write and send a text message from my T-Mobile phone?

    You can find steps to do this in Phones & Devices.



    How can I block text messages?

    You can add the Message Blocking service to your account. To block messages, see Message Blocking.



    What should I do if I receive text messages spam on my phone?

    For information on what you can do, read our Caller ID spoofing and text messaging spam FAQs.



    Does T-Mobile have copies of all my text messages anywhere?

    T-Mobile doesn't keep copies of text messages, and we can't retrieve deleted or missed text messages. Some email services allow for text messages to be forwarded to your email, so check with your email provider to see if this is a service they offer.



    Why am I being billed for unwanted text messages?

    When a text message is received on your T-Mobile phone, you will be charged for the message. To block messages, see Message Blocking.



    How do I set up a ringtone for text messages?

    You can find steps to do this in Phones & Devices.



    What does a picture message look like?

    Depending on your phone, a picture message appear as either a single slide or as multiple slides with pictures, text, video, and sound.



    Do I need to add this service to my line to use it?

    No. Simple Choice Plans include unlimited text and picture messaging.



    Is there a limit to how many messages I can send per month?

    Simple Choice offer unlimited text and picture messaging. Older plans may include a monthly allotment of messages (text, picture, video, and IM). You can check your monthly allotment by logging into My T-Mobile and visiting the PLAN section.



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