Slow internet troubleshooting: Mobile HotSpot

    Learn how to troubleshoot problems with slow web browsing or slow internet when using mobile internet.


    Troubleshooting steps

    To troubleshoot problems with slow internet or data while using mobile internet, follow these steps:


    1. Make sure you are currently in 3G or 4G by using the T-Mobile coverage map.
    2. Check if your Mobile HotSpot is connected to the PC through USB. if it is, disconnect it.
    3. Turn off your Mobile HotSpot.
    4. Restart your computer.
    5. Turn on your Mobile HotSpot.
    6. After logging back in to your computer, scan for Wireless Networks and connect to the Mobile HotSpot.
    7. If your Mobile HotSpot shows 1 bar or no signal, try moving to another room or closer to a window.
    8. Connect and test browsing speeds.
    9. If possible, try a different web browser or clear the history on the one you use and retry web browsing.
    10. Check for any programs that may be running in the background (anti-virus, Windows updates, etc.). If these programs are running, or downloading updates, you may have a slow browsing experience.
    11. If multiple devices are connected, check for slow speed other connected devices.
      Note: If only one device is having slow speed, then the issue is not with the Mobile HotSpot.
    12. If the above steps do not resolve your issue, please contact us.