Make yourself the Primary Account Holder for a multiline account

    Being the Primary Account Holder on a multiline account allows you to do the following:


    • Set online access permissions for the other people on your account.
    • Choose how much information other people on your account can see in areas such as Billing.
    • Manage the ability of other people on the account to make changes to their rate plans, services, or other options.


    NOTE: These online account management features are currently not available for business, government, and Monthly4G customers.


    To establish yourself as the Primary Account Holder for your account, follow these steps:


    1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in.
    2. Click MY PROFILE.
    3. Under the Account Permissions tab, complete the instructions to enroll yourself as the Primary Account Holder.
      NOTE: Once you are granted Primary Account Holder permissions, you can make changes for all lines on the account.