Wi-Fi Calling FAQs

    What is Wi-Fi Calling?

    Wi-Fi Calling is a free feature for T-Mobile customers with a Wi-Fi capable phone. Wi-Fi Calling is an excellent solution for coverage issues in and around the home or wherever cellular coverage is limited. Minutes used while connected to the Wi-Fi network count against available rate plan minutes.


    Note: To avoid international data roaming fees when using Wi-Fi calling when outside the United States, the Data Roaming feature on your device must be turned off.


    What are the benefits of Wi-Fi Calling?

    The benefits of Wi-Fi Calling include the following:

    Best Coverage:

    • Wi-Fi Calling provides a coverage option to improve upon your current in-home coverage experience 
    • Wi-Fi Calling works anywhere there is an open Wi-Fi signal available

    Keeps you connected to those who matter most:

    • Provides the coverage you need at the price you want 
    • No extra fees for improved coverage

    Supported by T-Mobile:

    • Supported by T-Mobile’s world-class customer service


    How does Wi-Fi Calling differ from T-Mobile @Home and Unlimited HotSpot Calling? 

    See the table below for differences between Wi-Fi Calling and T-Mobile @Home and Unlimited HotSpot Calling:



    @Home/Unlimited HotSpot Calling

    Wi-Fi Calling with Hand-Off


    Wi-Fi Calling without Hand-Off

    Service Experience

    Ability to send/receive SMS and MMS, and access Web2go over Wi-Fi. Call connectivity is maintained when moving between GSM and Wi-Fi networks.

    Ability to send/receive SMS and MMS over Wi-Fi. Call connectivity is not maintained when moving between GSM and Wi-Fi networks.

    Billing Experience

    Customers with these grandfathered add-on SOCs for unlimited calls made over Wi-Fi will continue to receive benefits of the features.

    Customers are billed according their Rate Plan and Feature buckets.

    Technology/Equipment Requirements

    Available on the following devices:

    • BlackBerry®: 8820, Bold 9700, Curve 8320, 8520, 8900, Pearl 8120, Pearl Flip 8220 
    • Nokia: 6086, E73 Mode, 6301, 7510 
    • Samsung: t339, t409, t739

    Select new Android devices will have Wi-Fi Calling client preloaded.

    Note: The client will not be available for download from the Android Marketplace.



    How much does Wi-Fi Calling cost?

    Wi-Fi Calling uses included minutes in your regular monthly plan and has no monthly cost.


    What equipment do I need to use Wi-Fi Calling?

    To use Wi-Fi Calling, you will need the following equipment:

    • A Wi-Fi Calling capable device 
    • Wi-Fi Internet access 
    • Broadband Internet Service 
    • Wireless Router (does not need to be T-Mobile branded)



    How do I set up Wi-Fi Calling on my phone?

    To set up Wi-Fi calling on your phone, click Phone and Device Support and navigate to the common procedures for your phone or device.