Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)

    The Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) is a payment option available for new and existing postpaid and T-Mobile Advantage Program Individual Liable customers on a Value Bundle rate plan. Qualified customers are provided a one-time credit offering, or Equipment Credit Line (ECL), that can be used to purchase equipment then pay for it in monthly installments.



    • EIP is not available to T-Mobile Prepaid customers, Business-liable customers, FlexPay customers or customers on a legacy, Even More Plus or Classic rate plan.
    • EIP is only available through Customer Care or a T-Mobile Retail store.
    • Customers in Washington, DC and Puerto Rico are not eligible for EIP.
    • Minimum purchase is $19.99.
    • Due to state regulations, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, and Wyoming do not allow putting purchases on a 20-installment EIP if you have existing Premium Handset Protection insurance or bundled features on your account. 





    How does the Equipment Installment Plan appear on my bill?

    Purchases on installments will be added to your bill as part of your monthly recurring charge until it is paid off. Details can be found under the Other Charges section of your bill.



    Can I make purchases that exceed my Equipment Credit Line?

    Yes, if the purchase price is higher than your ECL, your initial down payment will include the difference in price above your ECL.



    Can I pay off my Equipment Installment Plan early?

    Yes, you can elect to pay off your EIP early at any time if you do not wish to continue through the full 20 installment periods. To pay off your EIP, you will need to call Customer Care or visit a T-Mobile Retail Store.



    Can I return items purchased on the Equipment Installment Plan?

    Yes, items purchased on the EIP can be returned following existing Return Policy.



    If I cancel my service, what happens to my Equipment Installment Plan balance?

    If you elect to cancel service, all remaining installment charges will appear on your final bill.