Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)

    The Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) is a payment option available with our Value rate plans. It can be used to finance most devices for new and existing customers. If you qualify for EIP, you will pay a down-payment (amount is determined based on the item being purchased) for the equipment and the remaining balance is split up equally over 20 months. The down payment will not appear on your bill, but the charge will show up on your bank account or credit card statement.



    • EIP is not available with T-Mobile Monthly4G (prepaid), some Business account types and non-Value plans.
    • EIP is only available through Customer Care or a T-Mobile Retail store.
    • Customers in Washington, DC and Puerto Rico are not eligible for EIP.
    • Minimum purchase is $19.99.
    • Due to state regulations, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, West Virginia, and Wyoming do not allow purchases on a 20-installment EIP if you have existing Premium Handset Protection insurance or bundled features on your account. 


    e-Signature Authorizations


    An electronic signature (e-Signature) Authorization is required for all EIP orders placed over the phone with Customer Care. If you place an order in a retail store, your physical signature is captured at the time of purchase.


    As part of the e-Signature Authorization process, you will receive an email from EIP Authorization with a link and a PIN to access and sign your EIP agreement. You should accept the e-Signature Authorization email within 48 hours of your order being placed. If you have not returned your e-Signature Authorization, you will receive an automated reminder call approximately 36 hours after your order was placed. If necessary, you can have the authorization resent within 96 hours before the email expires.


    To provide your e-Signature Authorization:


    1. Select the Click here to sign link in the email.
    2. When prompted, enter the PIN in the Please sign using your PIN field.
    3. Click Sign.
    4. You will receive a "Signing Finished Successfully" message and the service agreement will be stamped with your electronic signature.
    5. When your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email which will include your EIP contract and a copy of T-Mobile's Financial Privacy Policy.


    EIP Payments


    • Payments submitted for the first installment do not appear on your bill.
    • You can choose to pay an extra amount at the time of purchase, which will re-calculate and lower your future monthly installments.
    • When making monthly payments, if you make an overpayment on your bill, it will not apply to any outstanding installments. Instead, you will have a credit on your next bill.
    • You may choose to pay off your EIP early. If you do so: 
      • You are not charged the payment processing fee.
      • All of the remaining charges for all of the devices on the EIP will be due on your next bill.
      • EIP only allows you to pay off an entire plan early, not a particular device within the plan.




    How does the Equipment Installment Plan appear on my bill?

    The EIP initial down payment amount is billed to the credit or debit card you provided when you ordered. The amount will not show on your bill because that charge was not billed to your T-Mobile account. The down payment can be viewed on the account statement used to pay the charge. If you paid with cash, you can find the information on the store receipt. Your first installment was included in the initial down payment. In addition, purchases on installments will be added to your bill as part of your monthly recurring charge until it is paid off. The first time you see an installment on your bill, it will appear as payment 2 of 21. Details can be found under the Other Charges section of your bill.

    EIP Charge.JPG

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    Can I make purchases that exceed my Equipment Credit Line?

    Yes, if the purchase price is higher than the dollar value provided to you, your initial down payment will include the difference in price above this amount.


    Can I pay off my Equipment Installment Plan early?

    Yes, you can elect to pay off your EIP early at any time if you do not wish to continue through the full 20 installment periods. To pay off your EIP, you will need to call Customer Care or visit a T-Mobile Retail store.


    Can I return items purchased on the Equipment Installment Plan?

    Yes, items purchased on the EIP can be returned following T-Mobile’s Return Policy.


    If I cancel my service, what happens to my Equipment Installment Plan balance?

    If you elect to cancel service, all remaining installment charges will appear on your final bill.


    How quickly is the email authorization sent to me?

    When the order is submitted, the e-Signature Authorization email is sent immediately to the email address provided. If you experiences significant delays in receiving the email, you should contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.


    What are the computer hardware and software requirements to accept the e-Signature Authorization?

    You must have the following items and features in order to receive the Disclosures electronically, to print copies of the Disclosures, and to retain electronic copies of the Disclosures:


    • If you use the Windows operating system, you will need a Windows-based computer with a Intel® 1.3 GHz or higher processor; Microsoft Windows XP Home or Professional Edition with Service Pack 2 or 3, Windows Vista® Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2; 128 MB or more of RAM (256MB recommended); and at least 335 MB of available hard-drive or similar storage space.
    • If your computer uses the Macintosh operating system, you will need a Macintosh-based computer with a PowerPC® G4, G5 or Intel or higher processor; Mac OSX v 10.4.11 - 10.6 or higher; 128 MB or more of RAM (256MB recommended); and at least 405 MB of available hard-drive space or similar storage space
    • Internet access
    • One of the following Internet browsers: 
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, or 8
      • Mozilla Firefox version 3
      • Macintosh Safari (Mac OS X, Windows XP, or Windows Vista) version 4.


    The Internet browser must be one that is appropriate for the operating system used on your computer; Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® version 8.0 or higher, a valid email address, and a printer capable of printing text screens, if you wish to print copies of the Disclosures.