Return your upgrade

    Learn how to return your upgrade. If your new T-Mobile phone does not meet your expectations, we're here to help. Before you return your upgrade, you should know:


    • Proof of purchase is required.
    • T-Mobile may charge a restocking fee.
    • If you also want to cancel T-Mobile service, contact Customer Service within 3 days of receiving the phone.


    In order to receive full credit for your purchase price (less any rebates), please return the phone plus all associated original contents, undamaged and in good working condition, within 14 days (20 day from date of shipment if purchased on from the date of purchase. If your phone has not been delivered, simply refuse delivery of the package and the phone will be returned.


    Return an upgrade at a store

    Return your phone to the point of purchase for a refund (less any discounts or rebates).



    Return an upgrade through the mail

    To return an upgrade you ordered through Customer Service, follow these steps:


    1. Fill out the Return Form and indicate the items that you are returning and the reasons for the return.
      Note: Your return cannot be processed unless you legibly and accurately fill out the Return Form and include it with your return.
    2. Place all items the completed Return Form in the original package.
    3. Remove all other unnecessary labels in order to minimize any confusion with shipment.
    4. Securely seal the package and process it for shipping. Insure the package for the full value of the phone, and send the package with a traceable carrier (such as UPS or FedEx). Be sure to ask for and save the tracking number.
    5. Your account will be credited for the full purchase price of the phone within two billing cycles.


    If any items (a) are returned after the specified return period, (b) have been physically damaged, modified, or damaged by liquids, or (c) are missing any parts, then you will not be eligible for, and you will not receive, any credit on your purchase price. In addition, accessories returned after the specified return period will not be returned to you.