Buttons: Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO

Learn how to locate buttons on the Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO.






To find buttons and what they do, refer to the following:


Front View

Front View.png

  1. Notification bar: Shows information about the connection status, signal strength, battery level, and time, and displays notifications about incoming messages, and other action.
  2. Display: Shows all the information needed to operate your device, such as the number of wireless connected devices, number of received messages (along with date, time and phone number), and data usage.
  3. USB Connector: Provides a direct connection for USB-capable devices using this connector type.


Side View

Side View.png

  1. Power key: Switches the phone off and on.
  2. WPS key: Allows you to pair with devices currently using a WPS connection. The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature allows you to pair your Wi-Fi-capable device without the need for entering a passcode. This process is similar to Wi-Fi Direct pairing.
  3. Charging Port: Allows you to connect a compatible power cable.
  4. Mini USB Connector: Provides a mini USB for connection to devices using this type of connector.
  5. microSD Card Slot (internal): Allows you use a microSD card to expand the memory of your device.
  6. USB Connector: Provides a USB plug for connection to devices using this type of connector. This provides your target device with wired Internet access.