T-Mobile In-flight Texting

T-Mobile is the only wireless carrier offering you in-flight texting, with Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging on several third-party apps (such as WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, Google Hangout), and the ability to check visual voicemail on select airlines and flights.


This service is available to T-Mobile customers at no additional cost on Gogo-enabled US-based flights. And, Gogo 2.0 includes one hour of free data on every qualifying flight! For additional data needs, you can purchase additional data access directly from Gogo.



Supported airlines

Not all flights offer in-flight texting service from Gogo. To check if your upcoming flight offers this service, contact your airline.


T-Mobile In-flight Texting is supported on the following US-based airlines:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Line



Supported services


One free hour of data per flight

  • You get one free hour of Wi-Fi on all Gogo-equipped domestic flights. You can surf, email, and post to your heart's content.
  • If you have T-Mobile ONE, you can get Wi-Fi during your entire flight if you add either ONE Plus or ONE Plus International.
  • Streaming services for music and video aren’t included.


Text messaging and picture messaging

  • Messages sent and received while using T-Mobile In-flight Texting are billed according to your plan and services, just like when on the ground.
  • All messages are billed as if you are on a Wi-Fi network in a domestic location, regardless of where your flight takes you. And there are no international roaming charges!


Visual Voicemail (VVM)

  • All versions of VVM (including Voicemail to Text) are supported, and they function the same in-flight as they do on a home Wi-Fi or network connection.
  • You should do the first-time setup of VVM or perform a version update while still on the ground, as doing these activities in-flight may not work properly.


Over-the-Top (OTT) Messaging:

OTT messaging is when you use third-party services to send an instant message instead of sending a text. Messages sent and received using WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, and Google Hangout are unlimited when using the Gogo in-flight service.


The following aren't supported:

  • Voice services
  • Most third-party applications that require a data connection
  • Texting to short codes
  • Emergency services (911 via text or voice)
  • Laptops and tablets



Supported devices

If you have a smartphone released after January 2015, or a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Sony Xperia Z3, you're all set! But, the following devices require a software update to support T-Mobile In-flight Texting:


DeviceSoftware update steps
Alcatel ONETOUCH Evolve™ 2Software update
Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce™ 2Software update
HTC One (M8)Software update
HTC One (M7)Software update
iPhone 5sSoftware update
iPhone 5cSoftware update
iPhone 6Software update
iPhone 6 PlusSoftware update
Kyocera Software update
LG G2Software update
LG G3Software update
LG G FlexSoftware update
LG Optimus L90Software update
Nokia Lumia 521Software update
Nokia Lumia 530Software update
Nokia Lumia 635Software update
Nokia Lumia 925Software update
Samsung Galaxy AvantSoftware update
Samsung Galaxy LightSoftware update
Samsung Galaxy S4Software update
Samsung Galaxy S5Software update
Samsung Galaxy Note 3Software update
Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeSoftware update
Sony Xperia Z1sSoftware update
T-Mobile Concord IISoftware update
ZTE ZMAXSoftware update



Preflight setup

Before you board the plane, make sure:


  • You have an active account.
  • You have a compatible Wi-Fi Calling-enabled device.
  • Your device’s software is up to date.
  • Your e911 address has been registered.
  • You have completed one successful call using Wi-Fi Calling with your current SIM card. If you're unable to use Wi-Fi Calling, see Wi-Fi Calling problems.
  • You have your carry-on!



Using T-Mobile In-flight Texting

You can use Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi when your plane reaches 10,000 feet or higher. When the plane reaches the correct altitude, your captain will give you the go-ahead to start in-flight texting.


  1. Place the device into Airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi.
    Gogo Wi-Fi.png
  2. Make sure Wi-Fi Calling is set to Enabled or On.
  3. Open any Internet browser to go to the Gogo homepage. If not automatically redirected, type "wifionboard.com" into your browser.
  4. At the bottom of the Gogo homepage, tap the T-Mobile banner.
  5. Tap Check-In and then tap Let’s Go.
  6. Enter your T-Mobile number.
  7. Enter the CAPTCHA letters and numbers in the box below it.
  8. Tap Ready for Takeoff. The Free Wi-Fi Starts Now screen with the Wi-Fi Calling icon (Android) or T-Mobile Wi-Fi (iOS) icon appears.
  9. Send a test text message to ensure that you're set up properly. Start texting and enjoy your flight!


If texting doesn't work after a few minutes, try re-registering the device to Wi-Fi Calling:

  1. Tap the Wi-Fi switch to turn off the Wi-Fi radio.
  2. Tap the Wi-Fi switch to turn on the Wi-Fi radio and connect to gogoinflight.
  3. Watch for Wi-Fi Calling icon (Android) or T-Mobile Wi-Fi (iOS) to appear.
  4. Start texting and enjoy the flight.



Twitter SMS

You can use Twitter via SMS with T-Mobile In-flight Texting. See Twitter support (https://support.twitter.com/) for additional SMS Twitter steps and Twitter account support.


Sign up for Twitter SMS

  1. Send a text message with the word START to your Twitter short code (40404 if you're in the US). Twitter sends a reply.
  2. Reply with your full name to sign up. Twitter sends a message back to you and assigns you a username based on your full name.
  3. Send a text message and it posts as your first Tweet.


Post a Tweet via SMS

  1. Send a text message with the word START to your Twitter short code (40404 if you're in the US). That's all you need to do! It posts as a Tweet to your Twitter profile.
  2. To check that your message posted to your Twitter profile, go to an Internet browser, log in to your Twitter account, and click your profile. You should see your Tweet posted there.



Gogo support

Gogo supports the following:

  • Pre-flight requirements and participating airlines
  • Compatible Wi-Fi Calling device verification
  • In-flight connectivity issues


In-flight support

T-Mobile Customer Service isn't available while in flight. You can receive in-flight support from the Gogo Chat Team.

  1. To reach Gogo Chat, open an Internet browser on your device.
  2. Click LIVE HELP to be connected to a chat agent.
    GoGo inflight support.png


Other support options

Before your flight, or when you're back on the ground, there are several ways for you to get help from Gogo: