Wi-Fi settings: T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot (MF61)

Learn how to manage Wi-Fi settings on the T-Mobile 4G Mobile HotSpot (MF61).



Scan & connect

  1. To locate the default Network Name (SSID) and password for the hotspot, remove the back cover and battery.
  2. Refer to the label for the SSID & password. If the label is missing or unreadable, the default SSID is T-Mobile Broadband## (where ## is the last 2 digits of the device IMEI) and the default password is the last 8 digits of the device IMEI.
    Mobile HotSpot label.png
  3. On your Wi-Fi enabled device, open the application you use to connect via Wi-Fi and select the SSID of your Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password and connect.
  5. After successful login, your Mobile Hotspot’s Internet connection is available to the connected device.
    • If you do not see your SSID, your Mobile Hotspot may have gone into sleep mode. Quickly press the Power key to light up the LCD screen and then press the WPS key to broadcast the Mobile Hotspot’s SSID.
    • Make sure each Wi-Fi enabled device is connected to the Mobile Hotspot via Wi-Fi and that the Mobile Hotspot is receiving a strong signal.