Camera settings: HTC One S

Learn how to change camera settings on the HTC One S.







To change the settings for taking and displaying pictures, follow these steps:

  1. From any Home screen, tap the Applicationsicon.
  2. Scroll to and tap Camera.
  3. Access the following settings:
    • Effects
      1. Tap the Effects icon at bottom-right.
      2. Scroll to and select the desired effect.
    • Gallery
      • Tap the Gallery icon at bottom-left to view the most recent photo.
    • Zoom
      • Touch the slider and slide your finger left and right to zoom in or zoom out.
    • Video mode
      1. Tap the Camcorder icon. Video recording starts immediately.
      2. To end the recording, tap the red Record button.
    • Scenes
      1. Tap the Scenes icon.
      2. Select one of the following options
        • Slow motion video
        • Scene
        • Scene selection
        • HDR
        • Panorama
        • Group panorama
    • Flash
      1. Tap the Flash icon.
      2. Select one of the following options:
        • Automatic flash
        • Flash
        • No flash
    • More Settings
      1. Tap the Settings icon to access more settings.
      2. Adjust the following settings as necessary:
        • Self-timer
        • Aspect and Resolution
        • Video quality
        • Review duration
        • Image adjustments
        • ISO
        • White balance
        • Continuous shooting
        • Camera options
        • Video options
        • Camera interface
        • Auto upload
        • Reset to default




Set default camera storage


The default camera storage is automatically set to phone memory. Because no alternative storage option is available, setting the default camera storage location is not available on this device.