Software update: BlackBerry Pearl 8100 / 8120

Follow these steps to upgrade the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 / 8120 handheld device software:


To find out if you need this software:

  1. On the Home screen, click Options
  2. On the Options menu, click About.
  3. The version number is displayed on the third line. If the version is not, then please download and install the most recent Handheld software for your device.


Note: While updating the software on your Handheld, be sure to select the option to back up and restore data on your device, to preserve your information that’s already on the device.



Upgrading your BlackBerry:

  1. Click the get software button to begin.  Get software.png
  2. Follow the steps under Handheld Software Installation Instructions begining at Step 4 to install the software for your device.


* These software downloads are only compatible with Windows OS.


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