My T-Mobile password troubleshooting

    Learn how to troubleshoot password problems or change your My T-Mobile password on this page.


    To troubleshoot a problem with a locked account, or to reset the password from My T-Mobile:


    1. Open a web browser and go to
    2. Click Forgot your password or Unlock your account.
    3. Enter your mobile mobile number and ZIP code and click Continue.
    4. Click Email, Text message or Security questions:
      • Email & Text message: Your phone or email inbox will receive a message containing the password. See phone how tos for steps on checking messages. If you have an internet device such as a tablet or USB laptop stick, use the alternate option of verifying the last 4 digits of primary account holder’s SSN or the account PIN.
      • Security questions: Answer the questions continue to step 5.
    5. On My T-Mobile, enter the temporary password and click Continue.
    6. Enter a new password. The Save button will remain gray if the password requirements are not met.
    7. Re-enter the new password and click Save Password.
    8. You will be logged in to My T-Mobile.


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