Liquid damage indicator (LDI): Nokia Lumia 925

Learn how to read the liquid damage indicator (LDI) on the Nokia Lumia 925.




Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI)

T-Mobile devices have an indicator that shows if it has been subjected to liquid damage. To read the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI), follow these steps:


  1. Insert the SIM door key (or a small bent paperclip) into the small hole in the SIM card tray until the tray is released.
    Open SIM tray.png
  2. Remove the SIM tray completely from the device.
  3. View the images to read the label:

    LDI white.JPG.jpg
    White LDI (indicates no liquid damage)

    LDI red II.JPG.jpg
    Pink or red LDI (indicates liquid damage)