Pay in Advance (prepaid) customer service

Find the prepaid support you need by visiting our Contact Us page, or find help below.


For activations, you can go online to activate your T-Mobile prepaid service. Or you can activate by calling 1-877-778-2107.



Manage your account online

Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account to change your plan, pay your bill, set up AutoPay, and more.



Get help from other customers

Check out our Support Community. You can ask questions and get help from other T-Mobile customers.



Refill your account

Running out of talk time? There are several ways you can refill your account:



Message a Customer Service specialist

To get quick and easy online answers to your questions, you can send us a message. And, be assured, we’ll get back to you.

  1. In the lower-right area of any Support page, click Message us on My T-Mobile.
  2. Log in to My T-Mobile.
  3. Click Message us.
  4. Enter your question, comment, or concern in the conversation box that opens. Click send (the arrow).



Give us a call



Schedule a call with a Customer Service rep

To set up a scheduled call, log in to My T-Mobile and click CALL ME (found at the top of the page). From there, we'll walk you through the process.



Get in-person support

Find a T-Mobile store near you using our Store Locator. We’ll even give you directions!