Refill your Pay in Advance (prepaid) account

    Learn how to refill your Pay in Advance (prepaid) account through a variety of convenient prepaid refill options.


    If you're on a plan with limited minutes and you reach your limit, you can renew using the steps below. We'll send you a free text message reminder when you get close to your expiration date.


    To refill your prepaid account, choose your preference below and follow those steps. You'll need to use a credit card or debit card to purchase a 30-day auto renew data pass.



    Refill online

    You can refill/fund your prepaid account online through My T-Mobile.



    Refill by text

    If your profile is set up with the Refill Center, you can send a text message to the Refill Center to fund your account.


    To refill by text, follow these steps:


    1. Start a new text message containing the refill amount and last four digits of the credit card or debit card number.
      Example: 25 2353
    2. Send the text message to 7777.
      Note: Refills are applied within a few minutes. If you did not receive a confirmation text message, call *ADD.



    Refill by phone

    You can refill your prepaid account over the phone by calling the T-Mobile Refill Center at *ADD.



    Purchase a refill card

    You can purchase a refill card at a T-Mobile retail store or authorized retailer. Find a refill location near you.



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