Email notification: Samsung Gravity TXT (T379)

Learn how to set email notifications on the Samsung Gravity TXT (T379).




Incoming email notification


To turn on and turn off email notifications, follow these steps:





  1. From the Home screen, select Menu.
  2. Scroll to and select Settings.
  3. Select Personalize.
  4. Select Sound profiles.
  5. To get an alert when you receive an e-mail, scroll to Normal, Vibration, Driving, or Outdoor.
  6. To turn alerts off, scroll to Silent.
  7. Select Options.
  8. Scroll to and select Edit.
  9. Scroll right to the Message icon (it looks like an envelope).
  10. Scroll to Message alert type, Message alert tone, or Message alert repetition.
  11. Select Edit.
  12. Scroll to and select the option you want.
  13. Scroll to Alert tone volume and select Edit.
  14. Scroll left or right to decrease or increase the alert volume.
  15. Select OK.
  16. Select Options.
  17. Scroll to and select Save.