Check your usage

Learn how to check your data, text message, or minute usage with the options below. For a quick usage check, click the button below.




Things to keep in mind

  • If you reach 80% or 100% of your minutes, texts, or data usage, we'll send you a free text message alert at each threshold.
  • Data, text and minute usage while roaming may take up to 30 days to show on your account and may impact what shows as available.
  • If you change your plan on a day that isn't the first day of your billing cycle, usage won't show what was used before the plan change.
  • For pooled accounts (like a business account), text usage shows both your usage and the pooled usage combined.
  • Data and text usage is displayed in Pacific Time (PT), and typically updates every two hours.
  • Usage details are available only to customers on monthly postpaid plans. They aren't available to Prepaid accounts.



My T-Mobile

  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  2. Click View by line.
  3. Click the arrow for the desired category:
    • Data
    • Messages
    • Calls
  4. Select the date range and click Filter.



T-Mobile app


Check usage

  1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
  2. When prompted, log in with your T-Mobile ID.
  3. From the Home screen, scroll to "Your usage".
  4. Tap Get the details >.
  5. Tap the desired option:
    • Data
    • Message
    • Minutes
    • Data Usage by app (Android only, for on network usage)


View bill details

  1. Tap Bill.
  2. On the "Billing summary" screen, you can view these options:
    • Bill cycle
    • Balance
    • Bill highlights
    • Payment settings
    • Current charges
    • Bill History