File a JUMP! or Premium Handset Protection (PHP) claim

    Learn how to file a claim if your phone is covered with JUMP!™ or Premium Handset Protection® (PHP). Only the Primary Account Holder or an authorized user on the account can file a claim. Claims must be reported within 90 days of the incident, unless state law requires additional time.


    File a claim

    1. Make sure you have the following information ready:
      • Your mobile number
      • The make and model of your device
      • The date the incident occurred
      • Proof of ownership and/or a government-issued ID
      • If stolen, the police report number. Learn how to report your phone as lost or stolen to prevent unauthorized usage.
    2. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
    3. Select PHONE at the top of the page.
    4. If there's more than one phone on your account, you'll need to select the name/phone number from the drop-down menu that is connected to the phone for which you're filing a claim.
    5. Access the insurance website from either your device or computer:
      • From your mobile device, scroll to and select File a damage Claim for JUMP!
      • From your computer, select the desired line of service and then File Damage Claim for JUMP!
    6. Depending on the type of handset protection your device carries, you'll be taken to either the Assurant or Asurion website. The two company names sound similar, so make sure you know which website you're on before proceeding with the next steps below.


    If you're taken to Assurant Solutions:If you're taken to Asurion:
    1. Check to make sure that the Mobile Number is the correct one for the damaged phone. If it isn't, go back to My T-Mobile and choose the correct mobile number from the drop-down menu.
    2. Follow the step-by-step directions on the Assurant Solutions website to file your claim.

    For more information about filing your claim or tracking your claim status, call Assurant Solutions at 1-866-866-6285.

    1. Select the green File Claim button.
    2. Enter your Wireless Number, Name, and the Security Code you see.
    3. Select the blue Continue button.
    4. Follow the step-by-step directions on the Asurion website to file your claim.

    For more information about filing your claim or tracking your claim status, call Asurion at 1-866-268-7221.