4G LTE CellSpot setup

Learn how to set up the 4G LTE CellSpot.



Setup steps

  1. Ensure modem and router are functioning and have at least 2Mbps download and .5Mbps upload speeds.
  2. Position device as close to a window as possible and attach the GPS antenna.
  3. Connect one end of the yellow Ethernet cable to the yellow WAN port on the CellSpot.
  4. Connect other end to any available Ethernet port on router or router/modem combo unit.
  5. Plug in AC power adapter into the power outlet and connect the power cable to the CellSpot port.
  6. Power on device to begin self-installation, which takes up to 2 hours. During this process the device:
    • Attempts to locate GPS
    • Locates any neighboring cells
    • Verifies location
    • Updates software as needed
    • Displays a flashing green power light
  7. Avoid bandwidth-hungry applications such as video streaming.
  8. Allow device to complete self-installation.
  9. Once the lights are all solid green (3G/4G light can also be flashing green), setup is complete.
  10. Disable Wi-Fi Calling on the handset or set it to Cellular Preferred.



Setup video