How to return a Wi-Fi CellSpot Router

    Learn how to return a Wi-Fi CellSpot™ Router.


    To begin the return process for your personal coverage device, contact us. We'll send you a prepaid return label that you'll use to ship your router back, free of charge. All you'll need to do is pack the router and return it to a local facility for shipping.


    Keep in mind:

    • If the device is not returned within 30 days of return initiation, a non-return fee is charged.
    • If the device is not returned within 60 days of return initiation, the return order is closed
    • You can not re-initiate a return. The non-return fee is not refundable and you will then own the device.
    • A damage assessment is performed when the device is received back at the return center. If the device is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, or if the device is missing parts a damage fee will be automatically applied to your account.