Read your bill

    This article covers the basic sections of your T-Mobile paper bill. FlexPaySM, myFaves® or T-Mobile @Home, bills may include additional sections.


    To learn more about your online bill, refer to the following link:


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    For information in Spanish, refer to the following links:


    Como leer su factura actual (PDF)

    Cómo leer tu factura - PagoFlex(SM)



    Your T-Mobile bill is separated into the following three sections:


    Summary of your bill

    Account service detail

    Itemized charges


    Summary of your bill


    Everything you need to know is summarized on the first page of your bill. You can find specifics about your charges on the subsequent pages.


    NOTE: To check your most current balance and usage, log in to My T-Mobile.


    Under Summary, previous balance, payments received, credits, charges, and taxes appear.



    Under Amount Due, the total amount due for the month and payment due date appear.



    Under Monthly Summary, charges for each line appear.



    Under Available Service, minutes, messages, and data features used in your rate plan appear.



    Under Used Service, a summary of your usage appears. Usage details and associated charges appear later.




    Account service detail



    • Account charges and credits are detailed for each line of service. The totals for each of these sections match the line items under the Monthly Summary of your bill.
    • If you do not use all of these services during a billing period, some of these sections may not appear.


    Under Monthly Recurring Charges, your recurring charges appear.



    Under Adjustments to Bill, credits and account adjustments appear.



    Under Usage Charges, overage, roaming, messaging, and data charges appear.



    Under One Time Charges, one-time charges, such as activation fees and phone charges appear.



    Under Other Charges (Non-Communications Related), charges unrelated to communications (e.g. Equipment Protection) appear.



    Under Other Charges, the breakdown of the Regulatory Programs Fee appears.



    Under Taxes, Fees and Surcharges, local, state, federal, and other taxes, and assessments and fees appear.




    Itemized charges


    Under LOCAL AIRTIME, LONG DISTANCE and INTERNATIONAL CHARGES, airtime and domestic and international long-distance charges appear.



    Under ROAMING CHARGES, international and domestic roaming charges appear.



    Under MESSAGING CHARGES, the number of messages sent/received and other applicable charges appear.



    Under DATA SERVICES CHARGES, the number of megabytes used each day appears.



    Under DATA SERVICES ROAMING CHARGES, data roaming charges appear.



    Under PREMIUM SERVICES, charges for downloads and CallerTunes® appear.