Music Freedom streaming

    Music Freedom streaming

    Music Freedom™ allows you to stream all the music you want from included streaming services to your mobile device, and it won’t count toward your data. Depending on your plan, you automatically receive Music Freedom and at no additional charge.


    Music Freedom is already included with these data plans:


    • Simple Choice North America™
    • Simple Choice North America No Credit Check
    • Simple Choice™
    • Simple Choice No Credit Check
    • Pay in Advance (Prepaid)
    • Pay in Advance Mobile Internet


    Some of our Classic plans also include Music Freedom. If you're not sure which data plan you have, go to My T-Mobile, log in to your account, and select PLAN to find out. Or contact T-Mobile Customer Service.


    Music Freedom includes these music streaming services:


    • 8tracks
    • AccuRadio
    • Amazon Music
    • Apple Music
    • Bandcamp
    • Beatport
    • BlackPlanet Radio
    • Chilltrax
    • Dash Radio
    • DatPiff
    • Digitally Imported
    • ESPN Radio
    • Fit Radio
    • Google Play Music *
    • Groove Music
    • iHeartRadio
    • Jango
    • KCRW
    • Napster (formerly Rhapsody)
    • Noon Pacific
    • OHIO.FM
    • Pandora
    • PreDanz
    • Radio Danz
    • Radio Paradise
    • radioPup
    • RadioTunes
    • Radio Disney *
    • Saavn
    • Samsung Milk Music
    • SiriusXM
    • Slacker
    • SomaFM
    • SoundCloud
    • Spinrilla
    • Spotify *
    • StreamOn
    • TIDAL *
    • TuneIn Pro / Premium (paid service only)
    • Uforia


    * These services also include video and are part of Binge On.

    These services may download song data to your device for offline listening, counting against your data allotment. To avoid this, make sure any available offline, download, or similar option is unchecked for any song, playlist, or album shown.


    We’re adding more services all the time, so check back frequently. If there's a music streaming service you think should be part of Music Freedom, tweet us your favorite service @TMobile, along with the hashtag #MusicFreedom.


    Things to keep in mind:


    • To stream music without not using data, you need to use the specific music streaming application on your device (and not stream to devices using Mobile Hotspot or tethering).
    • If you're on a Simple Choice North America rate plan, the music streaming services that are part of Music Freedom still don't count against your data allotment while traveling in Mexico or Canada. International availability of streaming services does vary, so make sure to check with your streaming service provider before you go.
    • If you're roaming domestically, you're subject to your roaming data limits.
    • In regards to international, if you're on one of our Simple Choice plans, then you already enjoy unlimited data while traveling in 140+ countries and destinations. Streaming included music services while abroad never counts against your domestic high-speed data, but you should always check with the streaming provider for regional availability.
    • Most music streaming includes small amounts of non-music streaming data, such as album art and pic advertisements. This data does use data from your high-speed data bucket, and the amount of data varies by streaming partner and the device being used. If you stream music for hours at a time, you can expect to see an increase in your data usage.



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