Visual Voicemail (VVM)

    The free Visual Voicemail app saves you time managing your voice messages without ever having to dial into voicemail. It lets you view all your voicemail messages as a list. Just scan down the list of voicemail messages, and you can choose which messages you want to listen to now, in any order, while passing over messages that don't need your attention at that moment.


    With VVM, you can:

    • Reply to messages with one touch by phone, text message, or email.
    • Save voicemail audio files directly to your phone on Android devices.
    • Activate Voicemail to Text (for a small monthly fee), and you’ll also get a transcript of each voicemail in your VVM inbox.


    The app comes preloaded on most new devices. If you have an Android device without VVM, you can go to the the Google Play Store and search for T-Mobile Visual Voicemail. If you can't find it in the Play Store, it means your Android phone is not compatible with VVM.


    If you need help setting up or using VVM, check the how-to guides on the Devices page.



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