Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS) issues

Using your phone as an Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices, also known as Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (SMHS), provides some internet access hen you're away from other Wi-Fi.


If your phone's hotspot is having connection problems or slow Internet speeds, try these steps:


  1. Try a different website or app. If you can access a different website or app, then your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot is working as expected.
  2. Make sure the SMHS is on. See the how-to guides for your device on the Devices page for instructions.
  3. Check the signal. If your SMHS device doesn’t have a signal, check out Signal issues on device.
  4. Check your connecting devices. Check to see that your SMHS device can connect to another device. For instructions on setting up a connection, see Devices.
  5. Stay close. Keep all connected devices within 15 feet of each other.
  6. Check Wi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on for the device that you want to connect to.
  7. Look at your high-speed data usage. Access the T-Mobile app to verify that you haven’t exceeded the high-speed data amount included in your plan. If you go over, data speed is reduced.
  8. Look at other connected devices. If multiple devices are connected to your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, check for browsing issues on the connected devices. If only one device is having browsing issues, then the issue is not with the SMHS device.
  9. Restart and reconnect. Restart your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot device, as well as the device you’re connecting it to. Once the restarts are completed, reconnect the devices.
  10. Check the SMHS software. Make sure you have the latest firmware version for your Smartphone Mobile HotSpot device. To check, look for your device on the Mobile Internet page.


If you’re still having problems with your Internet connection, do the following:


  • Clear your web browser cache.
  • Close any programs that are running in the background of the computer (or other device you've connected).
  • If you're travelling internationally, check whether you need to purchase an international On Demand Data Pass.
  • Contact the manufacturer of the device that you're trying to connect.
    • T-Mobile cannot provide support for connecting any game systems, TVs, or other devices.
    • If your phone can load a web page, that means the T-Mobile data service works. You would need help from the device manufacturer.