Schedule a payment

Learn how to schedule a payment.


Say you don't get paid until Friday and your bill is due just a few days after that. We want to help you plan ahead by offering you the chance to schedule a payment on or before your due date. You can do just that by visiting My T-Mobile.


From your mobile device with the T-Mobile app

  1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
  2. Select Menu > BILLING & PAYMENTS.
  3. Select Pay Bill.
  4. Fill in the I want to pay and Using my sections with the appropriate information.
  5. Select On and then select the the desired date for your payment.
  6. Select AGREE & SUBMIT.



From a computer

  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  2. Click BILLING.
  3. Click the PAY BILL button.
  4. Under Payment date, click the calendar icon,and select the desired date for your payment.
  5. Click the card or account you want to use under Pay with.
  6. Enter your payment, click the NEXT button, and follow the instructions to schedule your payment.