Carrier Freedom

    With Carrier Freedom™, you and your family can get reimbursed for your Early Termination Fees (ETFs) or device payment plans via trade-in credits and a Visa® Prepaid Card when you switch to T-Mobile and trade in your devices. You can get up to $650 per line, based on the ETFs on your final bill or your device payment plan.



    How it works

    To take advantage of the switching cost reimbursement, you'll need to trade in an eligible phone, device, or tablet (up to 10 lines).

    • We'll give you a trade-in credit based on the market value of your device. Get an estimate now. Online trade-in quotes are an initial estimate only; the actual value of the trade-in is determined when we receive the device.
    • Working devices qualify for a trade-in credit based on the market value of the device if it can pass a three-point inspection:
      • The device powers on.
      • The device has no water damage.
      • The device isn't cracked, broken, or inoperable due to physical damage. The screen, back of device, all buttons, and charging port must all work and be free of damage.
    • If you're trading in an Apple iOS device, the Find My iPhone Activation Lock  must be disabled.


    You'll also need to:

    • Have an Early Termination Fee (ETF) or a device payment plan with your current carrier.
    • Submit a final bill showing the ETF amount or remaining balance due on your device payment plan, as well as your name, address, and phone number(s) from your previous carrier.
    • Have an eligible mobile number that can be transferred from your current carrier to T-Mobile.
    • Make sure your account is active and in good standing.
    • Activate a new line of service on a qualifying plan. Pay In Advance, Simple Choice No Credit Check, and On-Demand Mobile Internet rate plans do not qualify for this offer.
    • Purchase a qualifying phone or device.


    To learn more, visit a store or switch online.



    How to trade in your device

    If you're purchasing a new device at a T-Mobile store, you'll trade in your current device at the store at the time of purchase.


    If you purchased your new device online or over the phone with us, then follows these steps:


    1. Log in to My T-Mobile.
    2. Click PHONE at the top of the page.
    3. In the Trade-in section, click Trade-in now.
    4. Near the bottom of the page, under Already ordered your T-Mobile device and plan?, enter the order number.
    5. Click Start Trade-in.
    6. Print out the device trade-in return label.
      Important: When packing up the trade-in device to send to us, make sure you're using the label you just printed out in these steps and NOT the prepaid mailing label that came with your new device.



    Get your ETF reimbursement

    First payout: To get your first payout, you need to first trade in your eligible phone or tablet at a T-Mobile store. If you can't make it into a store, visit the Trade-in Status page for steps on how to trade in your device.


    Second payout: The second payout amount is your Early Termination Fee (ETF) reimbursement, or your remaining installment plan balance minus the value you received for your trade-in. Submit your reimbursement request online at, or mail your completed reimbursement form and final bill reflecting your name, address, phone number(s), and Early Termination Fee (ETF) amount and/or device payment plan from your previous carrier within 60 days of activation. You can recognize your final bill by looking for a special one-time charge, which usually is listed as an “Early Termination Fee” or “Contract Termination Fee." When you submit your final bill for reimbursement, only send the pages that show the name, phone number, address, ETF and/or device payment plan amount per line.



    Check the status of your ETF reimbursement

    The ETF or device payment plan reimbursement request could take up to eight weeks to process. Provided you're still a T-Mobile customer in good standing, you'll be paid in the form of a Visa Prepaid Card. You can submit and check the status of your Visa Prepaid Card at


    Keep in mind, the ETF and device payment plan reimbursement CHECK STATUS button might not be available for up to 14 days after you've received your submission confirmation.


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