Carrier Freedom™

With Carrier Freedom, we’ll pay off your service contracts and device payments (up to $650 per line) via prepaid MasterCard® card (or prepaid virtual MasterCard) when you sign up for qualifying service and finance a new device, and for a limited time only, you can keep your current device.


Allow 15-30 days after submission to receive your prepaid card, as long as the associated line is still active. If you participated in Carrier Freedom before May 31, 2017, a device trade-in was required and reimbursement was covered by a trade-in credit to your bill as well as a prepaid MasterCard card (or prepaid virtual MasterCard). If you're a Verizon customer, come to T-Mobile and #GetOutoftheRed.



How it works

You can receive reimbursements for your device, for your plan, or for both. If you're a Verizon customer participating in #GetOutoftheRed, check out this page. Note that this offer is available only once per phone number. If you take advantage of the offer, leave T-Mobile, and then come back later, you are not eligible for the offer a second time.


For your device

Getting reimbursed for your device depends on when you start the process.


If you start the device reimbursement process on or after May 31, 2017, no trade-in is required, but your device payment plan being reimbursed must be active with your previous carrier for at least 60 days.


If you started the device reimbursement process before May 31, 2017, you would've needed to trade in an eligible device (up to 12 lines). You would've been given a trade-in credit based on the market value of your device (as long as it passed a three-point inspection).


For your current plan

To take advantage of plan reimbursement, you need the following:

  • An Early Termination Fee (ETF) or a device payment plan with your current carrier.
  • Submit a final bill showing the ETF (or "Contract termination fee") amount or remaining balance due on your device payment plan, as well as your name, address, and phone number(s) from your previous carrier. Depending on your carrier, a device payment plan may be listed as EIP, Edge, AutoPay, or Next.
  • An eligible mobile number that can be transferred from your current carrier to T-Mobile. You can transfer from major national wireless carriers. Pre-paid plans or non-wireless contracts (such as aren't eligible for Carrier Freedom.
  • An active account in good standing.
  • Activate a new line of service on a T-Mobile ONE or Simple Choice postpaid plan. Pay In Advance (prepaid), Simple Choice No Credit Check, and Mobile Internet rate plans don't qualify for this offer.
  • Purchase a qualifying phone or device. Purchases made on or after May 31, 2017 must be completed on device financing.


To learn more, visit a store or switch online.



How to trade in your device

If you're purchasing a new device at a T-Mobile store, you'll trade in your current device (if required) at the store at the time of purchase.


If you purchased your new device online or over the phone with us, then follow these steps:


  1. Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  2. Select PHONE.
  3. Scroll to the Trade-in section and select Trade-in now.
  4. Scroll to the Already ordered your T-Mobile device and plan? section and enter the order number.
  5. Select Start Trade-in.



Get your ETF reimbursement

Here's how you get reimbursed for your device, plan, or both.


For your device

You first need to trade in your eligible device (if applicable) at a T-Mobile store. If you can't make it into a store, visit the Trade-in Status page for steps on how to trade in your device.


Reimbursements for device installment plans created before May 31, 2017 are separated into two payments. The first payment is a bill credit reflecting the value of your trade-in, which you may put toward the purchase of your new T-Mobile device. The second payment–which is the difference between your remaining device installment plan, minus the trade-in value–comes via a prepaid MasterCard card, which you'll receive up to eight weeks after you submit your rebate request. Anything submitted on or after May 31, 2017, is paid out via digital prepaid MasterCard, and you'll receive a text message letting you know when the process is complete. For AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon customers, this typically happens 15 days after activation and submission; for other carriers, it typically takes 25 days after activation and submission. If you trade in your phone, you can still get that value applied to your device purchase and the reimbursement at your old carrier.


For your current plan

The Early Termination Fee (ETF) reimbursement is the remaining installment plan balance minus the value you received for your trade-in (if applicable). Submit your reimbursement request online at, or mail your completed reimbursement form and final bill displaying your name, address, phone number(s), and Early Termination Fee (ETF) amount and/or device payment plan from your previous carrier within 30 days of activation. You can recognize your final bill by looking for a special one-time charge, which usually is listed as an “Early Termination Fee” or “Contract Termination Fee." When you submit your final bill for reimbursement, only send the pages that show the name, phone number, address, and ETF and/or device payment plan amount per line.



Check the status of your ETF reimbursement

If submitted on or after May 31, 2017, your reimbursement will be fulfilled via a digital prepaid MasterCard within 15 days after approval. To check the status of your submission, visit and then select SIGN IN using your T-Mobile ID.


If submitted before May 31, 2017, the ETF or device payment plan reimbursement request can take up to eight weeks to process (unless a digital prepaid MasterCard has been requested, which only takes up to 48 hours). As long as you're still a T-Mobile customer in good standing, you'll receive your reimbursement via trade-in credit (when applicable) applied to your T-Mobile bill and prepaid MasterCard card or digital prepaid MasterCard. To check the status of your submission, visit and then select SIGN IN using your T-Mobile ID (for submissions before December 28, 2016, check your status here).