'Prevention information' displays: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Learn tips to resolve 'prevention information'.



  • 'Prevention information'





The 'prevention information' message shows when a third-party application is attempting to access the SE (Security Enhanced) Android files. This message not mean a malicious application is on the device. It means an application is attempting to access files beyond what is expected, and may have out-of-date security certificates.


This message may also show when connecting to a Wi-Fi access point that has unverified security certificates.



Device causes
Software version affected

Android 4.3

Software version resolved








To resolve the 'prevention information' message, follow these steps:


  • If prompted to update the security certificate, select Do not show for 30 days, and then tap Update.
  • Tap the box for Do not show for thirty days, and then tap OK.

  • Uninstall any recently installed application.
  • Navigate to Settings > Security > Unknown sources. If there is a checkmark in this section, please note these security best practices:
    • Leave unknown sources unchecked whenever possible
    • Only install applications from the Google Play Store or the Samsung Apps store.
  • If 'prevention information' persists, please note Samsung is investigating this message to provide a better user experience. A master reset will not resolve this message.

Note: Information, contacts, accounts and data housed in the KIES partition of your device are still secure if your device displays the 'prevention information' message.