Lookout Mobile Security Premium

Lookout Mobile Security Premium is an app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Two versions of Lookout are available:

  • A free version that provides essential security features
  • A premium version that offers additional, advanced security features:
    • Free with all JUMP!™ purchases
    • Available separately for an additional monthly or yearly fee from your device's app store


Lookout makes it easy to find a lost or misplaced device. You can use Lookout to:

  • Remotely sound an alarm on your device (even when it’s in silent mode).
  • Find your device on a map.
  • Automatically save your device’s location right before the battery dies, so you have a better chance of locating it, even after the device is offline.
  • Post a custom locked-screen message to help get your device back.
  • Alert you if your device’s operating system is out-of-date or insecure and helps you configure your security settings.


All T-Mobile customers have access to unlimited contact and photo backup with Lookout Mobile Security Premium, which can be accessed at any time at Lookout.com. For more information about the app features, requirements, how-to steps, and troubleshooting, refer to Lookout Mobile Security app.


Lookout requires a data or Wi-Fi connection to locate your phone. If you find that you're able to make a phone call or connect to the Internet, Lookout will be able to locate your lost phone.


For additional support, read Lookout's frequently asked questions, or contact Lookout customer support at tmosupport@lookout.com.



Lookout registration

Lookout Premium is available as a free trial or a subscription in your device's app store, a T-Mobile retail location, or through T-Mobile Customer Service. You can register for one of the following:

  • Free trial version of Lookout Premium for a limited time
  • Upgrade to Lookout Premium for an additional monthly or yearly fee
  • Free version of Lookout


For Android devices

The free version of Lookout is already installed on your Android device. When you open the Lookout app, it'll guide you through registering it.


For iOS devices

To use the free version of Lookout with an iOS device, you need to download the app from the Apple App Store.


After choosing to try or subscribe to the Premium version, you'll receive a text message with a download link to register. After registering, you'll see a welcome screen.