• T-Mobile General Care Support provided misinformation and messed up my plan - Need help/advice

    Hello,   Last month, I reached out to T-Mobile Customer Service (Richmond center) to add a 3rd line. Since I am on a grandfather plan, the Customer Service rep told me that they can't add a 3rd line to my accoun...
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  • LTE not working

    LTE signal is no longer working.  Now defaults to 4G.  Is this a result of a Tower out of service or down for maintenance? 
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  • E-mail to SMS spam blocking

    We have been using the tmomail.net e-mail to SMS gateway to send notifications for voicemails received by our corporate PBX.   Sometime within the past few days, these messages started to get blocked.  ...
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  • VPN being throttled on Mobile HotSpot with One+ International

    I have a line with the $25/mo One+ International, which gives unlimited hotspot data at full 4g LTE speeds. Under normal usage, I get ~30mbps down when I connect to the hotspot from my laptop and things work fine. How...
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  • Disney+ Streaming???

    I have been trying for months to get an answer to this question. I have contacted T-Mobile MANY times and no one seems to know anything about Disney+.   The Question: Will Disney+ be added to the Binge-On List?...
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  • (S10+) Long Texts being sent as multiple small messages

    Hi,   Beginning around Friday my longer texts have been being received as a string of shorter messages. This has been happening to multiple people I text on multiple carriers. I reset the Messages App Cache, the...
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  • Can't Send or Receive Pictures After Switching to T-Mobile

    Had no issue sending or receiving pictures with Verizon and now that I switched to T-Mobile, nothing will send or download when sent from others. I just see a box that says No Subject, Message size:___, Expires: Date....
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  • Is John Legere Leaving?

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  • Hulu + Live TV won't work on my TV

    I recently tried a trial subscription of Hulu + Live TV through my T-Mobile Home Internet Service. It won't work due to their security measures. I signed in using my laptop and that worked fine. I managed my account a...
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  • iPhone xs SMS message fail to send. "Number not Available"

    I activated my new iPhone 11 yesterday and ported the number fro ATT (over 24 hours ago).  I am unable to send SMS text messages.  When I send one, I receive the message "number not available. which number w...
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  • Recover past tmobile accounts

    Iv been trying to access my accounts from a few older accounts some have same number different device other different number and device. Is this possible
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  • Postpaid to Prepaid

    I recently switched my account from postpaid to prepaid. However, now I cannot see the last invoice. How can I make a payment against that?
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  • When will OnePlus 6T users receive Android 10 update?

    Android 10 has been released to international variants of the device, but I'm still waiting for it for T-Mobile. When can we expect this update for T-Mobile variants? Is there a scheduled date?
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  • S6 edge G925F slow charging

    The fast charging is enabled but very slow charging like one percent increase of charge for 15 minutes charging time. What might be the cause of slow charging. I asked Samsung forum and answer was my phone is not USA&...
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  • Samsung S10 Unlocked from Sprint doesn't read T-Mobile Signal

    Good Evening,   My cousin owns a Sprint Samsung S10 Unlocked but it doesn't detect my T-mobile sim card for some unknown reason, when I say it doesn't detect I mean it doesn't let me do calls or even use the dat...
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  • How to Switch from At&t to T mobile ?

    I had t-mobile for several years but I moved and the area I live in, doesn't have t-mobile service. Now I'm back and again want to use T mobile but my problem is that after switching there will be no any issue to my p...
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  • Switch to T-Mobile from AT&t.

    I switched October 13th from AT&t to T-Mobile. I switched over with a Sony xz-2. Which has been 12 but is not certified with T-Mobile definitely does not have band 71. Seems to work but when I do speed test it see...
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  • Is it possible to get a refund for a Virtual Mastercard Rebate That Was Fraudulently Used Before I Even Used It

    I received a Virtual Mastercard as a rebate for the phone. Within months the card was fraudulently used and because I didn't keep up with my balance like I would with a normal credit card I didn't catch it within the ...
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  • Lg artisto

    Hello, my phone is on 69% and it went completely black. Not charging not turning on not doing anything how can I fix this?
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  • Thinking about buying a RealMe X2 Pro

    Hello everyone. I currently have a Iphone 7+ and its have not been working well.   The Mic Function has ceased to work. Now i have to use a Bluetooth headset with me at all times to answer calls.   Now I a...
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