• VoLTE ROG Phone 2

    Hello,   I am hoping a TMobile representative in marketing or the technical side can help the ASUS ROG Phone 2 Community.   I have been in touch with ASUS over and over again via Phone, Email, Message Boar...
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  • T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S9 shows caller number incorrectly if origin country code has 3 digits

    When receiving calls from Portugal (country code 351) the caller number shows up as +1 351XXXXXXXXX. The extra 1 after + makes it not a match in the contacts list and I never know who's calling. In addition, I cannot...
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  • How to delete my T-Mobile online account?

    I accidentally created and linked my number when I was asking a question using the online chat. I thought creating an account was just for online support or chat.   Is there a way to delete or deactivate my acc...
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  • S8 Active Hot Spot unusable after Pie 9.0 Update.

    After the update to Android 9.0 Pie, the Hot Spot is essentially useless. Speed Test via Google's test page went from 20 - 35 Mbps on Android 8.0 to under 1Mbps when using 9.0 Pie. This could be by design, but I am ho...
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  • hot spot

    How do I add a security code to my house hot spot
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  • unlock my phone

    Hi there, I bought my LG phone at a T-mobile store 2 1/2 years ago (it was paid in full right then and there) and have been using the prepaid plan. Now I just recently moved back to Germany but I am unable to unlock ...
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  • Can no longer connect to live view cams (Amcrest, Ring) on Tmobile network, but can view recorded video. Are TCP or UDP ports 15063 or 15064 being blocked?

    Phone: Pixel 3 OS: Android 10, latest updates Tmobile APN: fast.t-mobile.com set to ipv4/ipv6   I was able to remotely view all of my amcrest cams and all of my ring cams (I have a total of 14 cams) just fine ...
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  • Signal Booster for Android Smartphone

    I'm looking for a 4G LTE signal booster for my Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone (once carried by Verizon, but now by T-Mobile).   Are there any other than the Booster Duo offered by Verizon that's highly rated, yet ...
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  • This is so ridiculous..

    Good afternoon. I and my family are using t-mobile since over 5 years ago. I join the U.S army so I decided to move my family plan from my dad’s account to my account so we can have a military member plan. I wa...
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  • Cant get rid of my Sim Card phone number after porting over a phone.

    I ported over 2 iphone 7S's from ATT. When I got my sim cards they had phone numbers assigned to them. I successfully had my old numbers ported over but both phones imessages were sending from email addresses associat...
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  • Text from T-Mobile about roaming usage.

    Hi everybody,   I would like to know what is the limit for the international roaming per T-Mobile terms.   I have spent 16 days in Thailand, then 13 days in USA, and then vacation 16 days in France and Swi...
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  • Question on usage details on messages...

    When I view my text usage details, I often see an area code with simply a single digit next to it.  What does this mean?  For example, if I sort by number I see several rows of data showing specific dates &a...
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  • John Legere's office keeps calling me

    Last week I emailed T-Mobile CEO John Legere asking about an upcoming phone. I didn't expect a response, I just wanted to see if the email would go through, and now his office keeps calling me to discuss the phone. Wh...
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  • Samsung Galaxy A10 e voice recorder app ( Android V 9 )

    How to record a  voice mail recording. The manual is not easy to follow - there is lacking instruction. Please give steps to follow. Thank you.
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  • OnePlus 7 Pro: Update to Android 10

    OnePlus 7 Pro Software version: Android 10 Phase: Development T-Mobile and the device manufacturer have agreed to support a new software update. The manufacturer is working on it!   Learn more Discuss the update
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  • OnePlus 6T: Update to Android 10

    OnePlus 6T Software version: Android 10 Phase: Development T-Mobile and the device manufacturer have agreed to support a new software update. The manufacturer is working on it!   Learn more Discuss the update
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  • Why No Vehicle Booster.

    We have 5 iPhone ranging from a 6S to the latest 11.   We have an in-house booster that cranks us up to four bars.   We need the booster because of large trees and hilly terrain.   What we really ne...
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  • Options

    Is there a reason we don't get all the options to choose from for the pixel 4 and 4 XL? Storage size and colors.
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  • Assurant is taking my money

    I sent back my phone via their envelope, and tracking showed that they received the package on September 23.  But I received a notice from them asking for my phone.  I called them 3 times- the first two time...
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  • Pixel 4 XL 128GB availability on T-Mobile?

    Is the Pixel 4 XL device on T-Mobile only available with 64GB? Every other carrier has the 128GB variant. Are there any plans to stock the 128GB?
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