• Really Frustrated - trade in

    I took advantage of the iphone trade in program a few weeks ago and was set to receive $700 for my 7 Plus. They did not have the phone I was trading to in stock but had it shipped to me. I was told I would receive a l...
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  • Forget the Frenzy. T-Mobile Kicks off the Holiday Season Early!

    “I love getting up early the day after Thanksgiving, fighting crowds, waiting in long lines and stressing over holiday shopping,” said nobody ever. T-Mobile customers can beat the crowd with BOGO Samsung G...
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  • why is my galaxy 7 monitor blinking

    why is my galaxy 7 monitor blinking
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  • OnePlus7Pro Oxygen OS  10.0.1.GM21AA

    If OnePlus has had the Stable, Finished OnePlus7Pro Oxygen OS Update 10.0.1.GM21AA out since October 18th, 2019 then why has T-MOBILE been unable to forward any Android 10 update as of yet, half way through November?‽
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  • S10 plus update question

    Hi guys new here. I received the G975USQS2BSIX update today on my s10 plus. However it seems to be the second update this month. The previous update that I received was the october update and I never received  th...
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  • change name on caller id

    change name on caller id
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  • WTD:Warehouse lost my returned phone that was wrong order

    I ordered two 11 pro max and ONE came as regular pro. I returned the 11 pro right away to order the new 11 pro max. So I didnt even use the new 11 pro, not even activate or connect it to any wifi just mailing it back ...
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  • Can no longer choose prepaid data plan

    This prepaid account originally had a 2GB data plan.  I skipped payment for a month and now the system won't let me choose a plan.  Can only do on-demand.  When in account pages I keep seeing errors lik...
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  • Unable to receive voice calls

    I don't know if I'm actually reaching T-mobile this way or just the community. There doesn't seem to actually be any way to reach T-mobile except by calling, which is hard to do when phone calls don't work.   I ...
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  • Mistakes followed by lies and deceit.

    My local T-Mobile store associates incorrectly placed an order to my account which resulted in a demo model iPad mini being shipped to the store for me. It was as under remote management and inoperable. The store asso...
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  • 4G LTE with 4 bars but i can't connect or make phone calls

    I work on the North Austin area in TX, and while I'm at work which is when I need my phone the most I can't use it because the phone says it has 4G LTE signal with 4 on 5 bars but it doesn't connect to the internet, s...
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  • T-Mobile General Care Support provided misinformation and messed up my plan - Need help/advice

    Hello,   Last month, I reached out to T-Mobile Customer Service (Richmond center) to add a 3rd line. Since I am on a grandfather plan, the Customer Service rep told me that they can't add a 3rd line to my accoun...
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  • LTE not working

    LTE signal is no longer working.  Now defaults to 4G.  Is this a result of a Tower out of service or down for maintenance? 
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  • E-mail to SMS spam blocking

    We have been using the tmomail.net e-mail to SMS gateway to send notifications for voicemails received by our corporate PBX.   Sometime within the past few days, these messages started to get blocked.  ...
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  • VPN being throttled on Mobile HotSpot with One+ International

    I have a line with the $25/mo One+ International, which gives unlimited hotspot data at full 4g LTE speeds. Under normal usage, I get ~30mbps down when I connect to the hotspot from my laptop and things work fine. How...
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  • Disney+ Streaming???

    I have been trying for months to get an answer to this question. I have contacted T-Mobile MANY times and no one seems to know anything about Disney+.   The Question: Will Disney+ be added to the Binge-On List?...
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  • (S10+) Long Texts being sent as multiple small messages

    Hi,   Beginning around Friday my longer texts have been being received as a string of shorter messages. This has been happening to multiple people I text on multiple carriers. I reset the Messages App Cache, the...
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  • Can't Send or Receive Pictures After Switching to T-Mobile

    Had no issue sending or receiving pictures with Verizon and now that I switched to T-Mobile, nothing will send or download when sent from others. I just see a box that says No Subject, Message size:___, Expires: Date....
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  • Is John Legere Leaving?

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  • Hulu + Live TV won't work on my TV

    I recently tried a trial subscription of Hulu + Live TV through my T-Mobile Home Internet Service. It won't work due to their security measures. I signed in using my laptop and that worked fine. I managed my account a...
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