• Cannot Text over WiFi with my LG G7 ThinQ

    I have an LG G7 ThinQ and I cannot send or receive text messages when I am on wifi. It doesn't matter if it is my home wifi, a corporate wifi, or a public business like a Starbucks, I can connect to the wifi to surf t...
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  • Apple Watch 3-4 , lowered price ?

    The Apple Watch series 3 is lowered to 199$ on Apple’s website . i was wondering if the Series 3 - Series 4 , will be marked down in price Anytime soon ?
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  • Is this something possible to set up this way?

    Hello,   When my phone receives a text/mms, I believe it goes through some third-party to determine whether it is likely spam or not....if it thinks the message is likely spam, it would be going to be rejected.....
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  • How do I opt out of T-mobile's markerting to my cellphone?

    T-mobile's contract appears to demand the right to market to my cellphone. How do I opt out of this?
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  • Digits app stopped working

    There's an issue after issue with digits app. It was a great idea but bad implementation. I was a beta user via my older galaxy phones but since i switched to s10 i was forced to use the actual app vs native samsung m...
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  • New InBox SIM, SIM IN USE by "****"

    I currently have a basic prepaid plan for a Backup phone, I would like to add a data Sim for a hotspot ( I have like five or so all painstakingly unlocked from my previous carrier and I would like to be able to rotate...
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  • Email to text gateway tmomail.net is rejecting messages with 550 blocked error

    Hi, For the past 3 weeks, messages sent to number@tmomail.net are being rejected and returned with a message like this:   550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (1234567890@tmomail.net:blocked)  ...
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  • hot spot while out of country

    can you purchase a month plan so that you can use your own phone as a hotspot for wifi?@
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  • Cannot Get Into Account

    I recently bought a new phone for my prepaid plan. The store helped me set it up, but now I need to re-enroll in auto pay. When I try to login to my account on the TMobile page I get a message that says "we have run i...
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  • payments

    I bought a refill card on 9/13 for my bill. That was used and said it was valid. Payment done. Yesterday it says I owe 50 and my phone is shut off.
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  • Great Injustice Done Against me!

    After 15 years of being a loyal customer with flawless pay history, due to the reception problems around my new home I had no choice but to look for other options so, I have decided to give AT&T a shot. On August ...
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  • T-mobile submitted my phone for unlock and its still locked after 6 days

    I have a locked T-mobile galaxy s10. T-mobile submitted my phone for unlock and its still locked after 6 days. Customer service said it qualified for unlock and that I would hear back in 24 to 72 hours via email about...
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  • Upgrade

    I recently upgraded to a newer phone and decided to order the upgrade online. The upgrade says it takes 48 hours to get tracking information, but it’s been well over 48 hours since I ordered the phone and I have...
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  • Coverage While in South Korea

    International Plans | Traveling Abroad without Roaming Fees | T-Mobile   This webpage says while I can get a coverage while traveling abroad to South Korea, none of the more popular devices (such all iPhone and ...
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  • Does T-Mobile care when sales reps make mistakes?

    This past Sunday I went to a store to get a phone as a birthday gift for my daughter. She was very specific about wanting the Note 10 in aura glow. Unfortunately the store nor any other stores nearby had that color. S...
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  • how can i find an old number from last year?

    I changed phones and I cant find this number from October of 2018. Could you help me?
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  • how to redeem refill card into my account?

    hi and sorry for my english. I'm visiting form germany. since 2014 i buy a 50$ refill-card and purchase 7GB - 30 Day 7GB On-Demand Pass (I bought a mobile hotspot device and set up an account years ago)   thi...
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  • My T-Mobile constantly asking for MFA verification to sign-on

    When I log into my.t-mobile.com I get prompted to be sent a text and verify my account. When I receive the code, I enter it and also ensure "Remember Me" is checked so I don't get prompted again which I assume means i...
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  • Another phone company that says one price and when you get your bill it's different! Then the extent they go to explain is beyond comprehension....

    Blah Blah Blah, that's what I hear on the other end!
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  • Haven't Updated Your Phone in a While? Here's Why You Should (Hint: It's More Than the Camera)

    There are a lot of considerations to make when upgrading to a new phone, everything from improved battery life to increased storage, bigger screen size and definition of the display or even just whether it’s bui...
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