• New account E-Sim issue

    hey guys, I signed up for a new account last night on my iPhone using the T-Mobile Esim app. When I got to the last step where it adds the plan it didn’t work. I tried calling T-Mobile and they told me they woul...
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  • ESIM Doesn't work in Europe.

    Hello All, I just bought an eSim card through the internet but my location is Budapest, Hungary right now. The eSim is looks like activated (based on the website) but not connecting to any local carrier some reason. I...
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  • Early upgrade but would like to use an unlocked phone

    I still have a balance on my EIP and am eligible for an early upgrade. I have an unlocked Galaxy S10+ (which was a Tmobile device to begin with) and would like to use that phone. I'm sure I'd be able to 'upgrade' my l...
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  • Which phone has a better antenna regarding making/receiving calls: Moto E5 Play  or Stylo 3 Plus?           or V30

    Just asking.
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  • What is a Temporary Unlock?

    My wife and I are traveling to multiple countries for the entire month of August. I have been trying to get information on Temporary Unlocking our Samsung Galaxy Note 9's. Most information I have found is about perman...
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  • Busy Signal when calling a forwarded number

    Cellular callers get a busy signal or my T-Mobile voicemail when calling my forwarded AT&T landline number.  Started in December 2018.  AT&T said they have checked everything including my C.O. equipm...
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  • Samsung S10 Invalid Sim

    Dear T-Mobile...   I purchased a Samsung s10 a few months before, and I was using it on T-Mobile.   now I came back to India and when I inserted the Indian SIM Phone says Invalid Sim.   when I search...
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  • Coverage in Prairie du Chien, WI?

    Our starting point was Marion, Iowa, I turned on OpenSignal to report the stats on coverage. From Strawberry Point, IA we went north on Hwy 13 to Hwy 52, then to Hwy 18 to Prairie du Chien, WI.  No coverage nearl...
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  • I-Billing log-in

    Good day! I just want to ask if we are going to link the other BANs that were associated with same tax ID, are we going to use different log-in or were gonna use same log-in as the parent account using. Can you pleas...
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  • Weird numbers....

    hi! I checked my text log and weird numbers like 6 7166 show up as incoming calls. What on earth are these???
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  • Why has my number not ported over yet?

    My prepaid service started with TMobile and July 8th. I have been charged for the service but my number has not ported over,$5 Canada and Mexico add on option does not show up on my account and I keep getting no e911 ...
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  • Just wanna know?

    So when you(Tmobile) met with Donald Trump, was it about the merger with Sprint? Was it to give your customers information to them? I received a text and call from the Republican National Committee asking me stuff abo...
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  • Huawei P30 Pro Questions

    I'm thinking of buying my first smart phone. Since I have a Mac laptop, the obvious choice was an iPhone. However, I changed my mind when I learned about the awesome camera on the Huawei P30 Pro.   So, first que...
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  • T-Mobile account creation

    I have a SyncUP drive and installed the app as well but it does not show the total data usage and neither the router config page (, so how can I keep track of the total data usage? also, with SyncUP drive ...
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  • outage in johnstown pa?

    i work in johnstown pa in westmont and its always been good service except for the last 3 days, i am unable to call or use the internet even with a signal, is there an outage in Johnstown Pennsylvania?
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  • Lg G7 Pie update USB power supply

    After my pie update I cannot use my wireless charger. Every time I put it in the cradle it goes to Power supply mode. When I change the usb option back to charge, it goes right back to power supply. It chages fine thr...
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  • Timezone incorrect for 4GLTE CELL SPOT

    I just moved to a new timezone and still need to use my in home 4GLTE Cell spot. Problem is that when devices are connected to it they show in my old timezone. When not connected the show the correct timezone. The ins...
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  • No 4G/LTE in Canada

    hello,   i am at the moment in Canada (Vancouver and Vancouver Island). i only get sometimes a 4G/LTE connection even when it is shown. When I go to 3G it seems to work everytime. Furthermore I only can use the...
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  • Thousands of people reporting missed calls or delayed texts.

    Please do not tell me to contact the tech team.  They are useless.  I'm not trying to be rude or hostile, but they are.   My whole family, all on T-Mobile and all with different phones, has been having...
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  • Moto G7 Power Sound/Notification Issue

    Ello folks,   Recently I purchased the phone noted in the title. Anyway I noticed every single sound plays from only the ear piece. Is this the norm for those who own the Moto G7 Power If I'm wrong and there is a...
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