• My prepaid SIM card expired...can I top up my account from outside of the US?

    I bought the US T-mobile prepaid SIM card while I stayed in the US and now it expired. I would like to keep using my card when I visit the US this month again. Can I top up my account from outside of theUS or how shou...
    created by mikimiki
  • Hotspot no longer working - grandfathered $19.99 unlimited internet vpn addon

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for 20 years back when it was called Voicestream. I have a grandfathered NW Get More w/Nts plan $39.99 with a unlimited internet vpn data plan addon $19.99. This addon has the following...
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  • Card charged and order still processing

    I’m not sure how else to get help on this issue so I thought I would ask here. I  placed an order last fros Friday at my local T-Mobile store with the help of the rep there because they were out of stock of...
    created by steelersfan92
  • Trade in Promotion

    T-Mobile is running a promotion this week where you can trade in a Iphone 7 for $500 with an addition to opening a new line.  I currently have 5 lines on my Tmobile ONE account.  I'm wondering if I open a ne...
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  • Upgrades coming to Western Colorado?

    Is there any way I can find out if and when a tower upgrade is happening in my area? Southwestern Colorado could really use more towers or some upgrades. There's all kinds of hype about new towers, 600 MHz radios and ...
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  • screen replacement cost with 360 protection

    Does anyone know how much is is to replace a screen on the S10 with the 360 protection?
    created by magenta10432546
  • Sending TIFF image to @tmomail.net not working

    We have a system that needs to send reports to the users' <phone_number>@tmomail.net for certain reasons. It sends as a TIFF image. This works for all other major service carriers like Sprint and Verizon, but no...
    created by magenta10451367
  • 5g coverage in Az. Map deceiving.

    So I activated my OnePlus 7t pro McLaren yesterday and I'm getting zero 5G driving across Tucson Arizona where the coverage is supposed to triple with the new 600 band. I can confirm that it's not even spotty across t...
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  • Showing Wrong Time Zone and T-Mobile Can't Fix

    Been on the phone three times to T-Mobile support. Last time, it took one hour. They supposedly have "recycled" the device to get it to show the correct time. Nobody from T-Mobile knows how to fix it. They tell us to ...
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  • USB TO USB Tethering

    I need help with transferring my data from my old phone which has a broken screen to my new phone using USB to USB tethering
    created by magenta10450269
  • RCS

    I finally recieved RCS on my Note 10+ earlier today. It came with an update to messages (google)
    created by adam1988
  • Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

    When will this device whitelisted for US Cellular roaming partner. I have not been able to connect to  US Cellular roaming partner and i have seen whitelist. The most expensive device in  the Tmobile ...
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  • Cellular Data not showing on iPad 3

    Purchased new t-mobile sim card to put into an older iPad 3 and the previous sim card was moved to a new iPad Air.  If I turn off wifi, cellular data does not work.  Does the new sim card need to be activate...
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  • Received Fake Phishing Txt that looked like tmobile

    I called into support and she had no idea what I was talking about or grasp of receiving a fake text.   It came from the same type of auth text 456 and had the call 611 but a non 800 - hopefully allowing the...
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  • Sendgrid being blocked

    X-SendGrid-QueueID: 561860164 X-SendGrid-Sender: <bounces+2699140-3366-xxxxxxxxxx=tmomail.net@sendgrid.net> Arrival-Date: 2019-12-06 19-58-21   Final-Recipient: rfc822; xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net Original-R...
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  • Note 10+ 5G

    im sure that some are aware. Buut the Note 10+ does not come with the 855+ lol They should really fix that video
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  • Clear partition cache on an LG Stylo 4 phone ts

    I need to clear the partition cache on my lg stylo 4. I have tried the hold the volume down and power button and it doesn't work.
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  • Note 10+ 5G -- 5G Support

    Just curious if anyone knows exactly why the Note 10+ 5G cannot support mmWave alongside lowband 600mhz 5G.   If it does have the X55 modem inside it, it should be able to do both as far as I've read. Is this ju...
    last modified by strumerjohn
  • Home Internet 2.4 ghz Fix and Signal Strength

    Using the t-mobile home internet program, devices are having issues with and maintaining the 2.4ghz connections.  App says that the 2.4 and 5 Ghz are working.  Unfortunately, a Roku and tablet says they're u...
    created by travelingcue
  • How do I pause my plan for a month (if thats possible)?

    Title p
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