• Charged Briefly

    Wondering why my phone will no longer keep a charge? Thanks.
    created by tmr2019kat
  • It sucks TMo is disabling android native visual voicemail

    I don't want to use TMo's app.  I'm sure it'll just have ads or do data collection or just otherwise be bad -- it only has 3.5 stars in the play store and looks to be filled with bugs.  You guys suck for dro...
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  • T-Mobile One roaming does not work in France on Samsung Galaxy

    I just came back to the US from a trip to Europe.   In Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands T-Mobile One data roaming works without any problem, however in France (Paris specifically) there is no data connection...
    last modified by magenta9679141
  • Upgrade Support Charge?

    Has anyone been charged or know what an "Upgrade Support Charge" is when buying a phone from a T-Mobile store?  I was charged this fee of $20 when I recently bought a Galaxy S7.  I will admit I should have l...
    last modified by chris13
  • Phone is Blocked

    My phone was reported as lost or stolen. The phone is now in my possession. I have gone to a TMobile Store twice. They could not unblock. I have called customer service 4 times and opened tickets. Phone is still block...
    last modified by hirschmark150
  • Iphone 8 PLUS LOCKED

    The subject is related to the Iphone  PLUS with IMEI 356775088860140 , was requested the unlocking of the same Wednesday, but still today he still has SIM locked for chips in Brazil, could someone tell me the dea...
    last modified by magenta9674123
  • Call Quality at work is awful.

    Good aftenroon,   I am a 15 year member with T-Mobile and love the ability to have service overseas and generally happy with the service overall.  While I am at work though I don't get any service at all at...
    last modified by fvshaggy

    Had to go into icould to find old deleted texts. under a different carrier. now sim is unsupported. someone please help
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  • Unlocked Galaxy S10 on T-Mobile still stuck on May update

    Many of us rocking the unlocked US Model are frustrated about still not getting an August update when were almost in the month of September now... I know the carrier models already got theirs but for those with unlock...
    last modified by gandfam
  • Unable to view security cameras via cellular...

    I currently have a Lorex (FLIR) home security camera system. Up until two months ago, we were on the Verizon network, we swapped over to T-Mobile and up until two days ago we had no problem viewing the live camera vie...
    last modified by tecster
  • history of usage of mobile hot spot data

    If I click on "usage" at T-Mobile.com it shows my current hot spot data usage but does not show usage in previous months (and I don't see it on my bills), Is there a way to find that out easily or is it just a matter ...
    created by clovelakeguy
  • Topping up prepaid account from outside US

    I am outside the US for the next month, but need to top-up my prepaid US T-Mobile account.   The T-Mobile website allows me to state which country my credit card comes from, but still insists I enter a US format...
    last modified by magenta9680352
  • My phone number in the 'About' section is settings doesnt match my phone number

    The about page in settings shows my temporary number. It has been 3 months since i ported over to T Mobile, and it has not changed. It is affecting my MMS messages - since that time - my phone adds my phone number to ...
    last modified by al54321
  • US Cellular roaming not as shown on map

    I again visited Redfield, Iowa area for a couple of days and again found that our phones indicated "Searching" while we were in town, offering only emergency service, though the US Cellular was very strong. The T-Mobi...
    last modified by magenta5335724
  • Costco 2019 Activate and Save

    For a limited time, get a free Samsung Galaxy A10e after rebate when you purchase the device at full retail price at a Costco Warehouse and activate a new voice line.     Get this deal  When is this dea...
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  • 2019 Activate and Save

    For a limited time, get up to $200 off an LG Q7+, K30, T-Mobile REVVL2 Plus, REVVLRY, or Samsung Galaxy A10e via 24 monthly bill credits when you purchase the device on Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and activate a ...
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  • Verification code on data only iPad account?

    Hi,   I've been trying to setup an iPad with tmobile. For whatever reason I had to reset my password which I was able to do but now it wants to send me a verification code but to the tmobile "number" associated ...
    created by philly50
  • Coverage/Roaming issues - Lake Michigan Lakeshore

    Hello,   We were camping this past weekend at Silver Lake State Park in Michigan. The address is 9679 W State Park Rd, Mears, MI 49436. Coverage didn't exist, and we were unable to roam on AT&T. We continual...
    last modified by shima1970
  • Incorrect roaming warning?

    I received this text today: "The majority of the recent T-Mobile usage on line xxx-xxxxxxx has been roaming internationally. Per our terms and conditions roaming benefits are not intended for extensive use abroad." &#...
    last modified by magenta9616955
  • Mobile Hotspot Issue

    Hey, our Personal 4G LTE CellSpot is giving us some issues right now. It's giving the following light combo, which is not in the included manual:   Power: Solid Green Internet: Blinking Green Status: Blinking ...
    created by screenbones