• Tips on coverage needed

    Does anyone have imformation on the Band 71/600 MHz near 62294?  I switched to TMobile because they advertised coverage was good.   ww get no service just a few blocks from our house and several miles t...
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  • iPhone 8+

    I recently bought a iPhone 8+ from this lady and she didn’t tell me it was Locked to T-Mobile and didn’t pay her bill. can I use it? I’m with metro by the way
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  • Unlock sim out of country

    Hello,   I bought an iPhone XR (full price) because my old iPhone 6 was broken. Im back in Germany and want to use a german provider. I used my prepaid card 10 month and my new phone 6 month in the US. I tried to...
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  • Will my US T-mobile XS Max accept a UK EE sim card?

    We are traveling to Europe and three of us have t-mobile iphones.   We are planning on buying PAYG sim cards from EE (used to be t-mobile) and wonder if they will work.   All phones are locked to t-mobile ...
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  • SIM card: Coolpad Surf

    Learn how to insert/remove the SIM card on the Coolpad Surf.       Insert/remove SIM This device supports a Nano size SIM card.   Remove the back cover and battery. Install the Nano SIM card.
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Free Pride Month collapsible water bottle 40% off + free shippting. From Reebok. Free 1-n...
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  • Moto Z2 Force Android Pie Update

    As the release notes are up, how long do we need to wait? moto z2 force - Android™ 9.0 Pie Release Notes - Motorola Support - US
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  • Samsung S6 was locked again

    I have paid all bill for the device and unlocked it 2 years ago. but My Samsung s6 was locked again on Jan 2019, From that day onwards im trying to fix this, i called customer care, i tried Tmobile store multiple time...
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  • S7 Edge unstable - soo many issues AOD, stability, etc

    I used to love my S7 Edge. It was fast, had great battery life and a wonderful phone.  In the past few months, it's giant pile of steaming poo.  The System UI was constantly crashing and it was soo slow that...
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  • 2019 Summer Samsung Buy 2 and Save

    For a limited time, get a free Samsung Galaxy S10e or S10, or get $900 off a Samsung Galaxy S10+ (via 24 monthly bill credits) when you buy another Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+ device of equal or greater value on...
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  • Horrible coverage

    I’m getting sick of there coverage in my area, I checked the coverage on the coverage map and it says that it’s high speed LTE data in my area and that’s a lie, sometimes I have no service at all, an...
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  • Domestic data roaming

    Your device data works a little differently when it's on a non-T-Mobile network, and it has some restrictions.   T-Mobile partners with other U.S. carriers to provide service in some areas of the country. When T...
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  • Phone has full signal but I can't use the internet

    Greetings,   For the past few months I have been trying to resolve this issue with my T-Mobile service:   1.  Phone shows 3-4 bars of LTE, but the internet won't work 2.  My co-workers with T-Mo...
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  • Moisture Detection notification on USB port won't go away on my V30

    My "Check USB Port" notification has been on for 5 days now and won't go away. The phone is definitely completely dry and I have tried turning it off an on again multiple times. In fact, I have to turn it off to get i...
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  • I'm not getting calls

    This has been going on for a long time now. I don't get a lot of calls. I talk to people, they say they call me but I don't hear the phone ring. I don't even receive their voicemails. Sometimes I only get voicemails a...
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  • How to use Connect Me

    Connect Me is a T-Mobile website that lets you quickly set up and manage your data-only device. If you have other types of active service (like a mobile device line), use My T-Mobile to manage your account.   Cre...
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  • 2019 Summer Samsung Trade It In

    For a limited time, save up to $300 when you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+ on EIP and trade-in an eligible device. Fulfilled via one-time credit based on fair market value of trade-in device, then r...
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  • "T-Mobile Wi-Fi" displays when wifi is ON. "No Service" displays when wifi is OFF

    Hi,   I'm using iPhone 8 Plus with T-Mobile service. Since last Saturday, there is no service on my phone, I can not make any phone calls or sending any messages. I did reset all the Settings, even tried to eras...
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  • Missing Discounts for Existing Advantage Program

    I've had the Advantage Program since before 2014. I saw a promotion to add several lines, so I verified I could do so without losing the benefits of my Advantage Program: If you were part of the Advantage Program on...
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  • How do I add my eSim?

    Hi,   I recently purchased a pre-paid travel plan through the eSim app. after taking payment the app showed me my phone number and receipt option but never took me to the eSim setup. I have no QR code to instal...
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