Hello All,   I have been happy with T Moblie. I update my phone every year. I am a business customer - I used to have a representative I could talk to directly. Don't know what happened there.   I work an...
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  • Can't Buy an iPhone from Apple! (This T-Mobile Account isn’t supported on Apple.com)

    So, I tried to buy a new iPhone from Apple. I'm in a T-Mobile Business account, but my grandpa is the account holder. I went to the Apple website and filled out the first page until I got to the page were it said, "No...
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  • randomly not receiving text message

    i can 100% times get personal message. but for like 10% of the business texts like for some in-store text coupon or some APP verification text, i can't get anything...   it has been like this for 2 years. and t...
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  • OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro Oxygen OS 10 Update

    When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.   Software updates S
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  • OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren - 5G Issue - Repeatable Problem/Known Issues u

    Just a heads up for those looking at the newest 5G Phone. I know early adopters have growing pains. But also, this type of problem is kind of pathetic. drops Location: Las Vegas, NV and surrounding area    ...
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  • Canada

    Hi! I have a plan to travel to Canada next month. I do not know whether my T-mobile will work in Canada or not. Thank you!
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  • Call forwarding issue

    I am not able to forward calls on my galaxy note 9, which I believe after a software update. Whenever I go to call settings>supplementary services, I get an error"Failed to read data. Something went wrong. Check yo...
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  • Factory Reset on Home Internet Router?

    It was working when I received it, and than I changed some settings to try and integrate into my network. I must have screwed something up, because I can no longer get to the admin page. I decided to reset the device ...
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  • Wi-Fi calling not working properly

    When I connect to my Wi-Fi network the Wi-Fi calling icon is lit up. However when I make a call it becomes greyed out and I'm unable to make a call or the call is very choppy because of poor cell signal. It does not h...
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  • Insider Hookup code

    Hello does anyone have an Insider Hookup code they are not going to use? I'd love to give it to my Bro thank you ..!
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  • Cellular Data not showing on iPad 3

    Purchased new t-mobile sim card to put into an older iPad 3 and the previous sim card was moved to a new iPad Air.  If I turn off wifi, cellular data does not work.  Does the new sim card need to be activate...
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  • Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

    When will this device whitelisted for US Cellular roaming partner. I have not been able to connect to  US Cellular roaming partner and i have seen whitelist. The most expensive device in  the Tmobile ...
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  • Sendgrid being blocked

    X-SendGrid-QueueID: 561860164 X-SendGrid-Sender: <bounces+2699140-3366-xxxxxxxxxx=tmomail.net@sendgrid.net> Arrival-Date: 2019-12-06 19-58-21   Final-Recipient: rfc822; xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net Original-R...
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  • 5g coverage in Az. Map deceiving.

    So I activated my OnePlus 7t pro McLaren yesterday and I'm getting zero 5G driving across Tucson Arizona where the coverage is supposed to triple with the new 600 band. I can confirm that it's not even spotty across t...
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  • Apple watch

    How much does it cost to add the apple watch to your account please?
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  • Unable to browse the internet from Bangalore India

    I have a postpaid connection with TMobile, US. I am on a visit to Bangalore, India and its been around 24 hours since I landed. After a lot of "online research", I still cant get the common apps to work on my Galaxy n...
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  • cant send sms messages to other networks

    i can only send notes to tmobile numbers in sms. all of the others never go out.... no the other numbers dont have me blocked cause they get a MMS message from me. i can get sms from them they just dont get mine. pl...
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  • Galaxy S9 and Note 8 with Galaxy watches MMS issue

    I Have racked my brain and searched the internet from end to end. I am having an issue with galaxy gear s3 and galaxy gear Active receiving pics from text message. My wife has a Galaxy note 8 (BYOD from sprint) and I ...
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  • Home Internet 2.4 ghz Fix and Signal Strength

    Using the t-mobile home internet program, devices are having issues with and maintaining the 2.4ghz connections.  App says that the 2.4 and 5 Ghz are working.  Unfortunately, a Roku and tablet says they're u...
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Mega Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! The week of 11/19/19 includes the following gifts: Pick up one free item. From Taco Bell. $20 Dining credit. From Dining Advantage. 40%...
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