• pre-paid phone line

    I have a pre-paid line that I do not use, however I am still being billed $27.83 each month acct. I wish to cancel the pre-paid line only. I have an acct. with unlimited everything that I would like to keep.   H...
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  • NoPort SIM swap Protection

    VICE: T-Mobile Has a Secret Setting to Protect Your Account From Hackers That it Refuses to Talk About. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/ywa3dv/t-mobile-has-a-secret-setting-to-protect-your-account-from-hackers-tha...
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  • auto refill or refill by credit card doesn't work

    I trying to refill my account by credit card but if i click the "use a credit card" button or "auto refill" button then they automatically go back to t mobile home. What can i do?
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  • Galaxy S10, you refuse to unlock

    I have a galaxy S10 that I bought from pre-order on the samsung website. At the time I was unable to click the unlocked option and chose t-mobile since we would use it on the network anyways. Now we are moving oversea...
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  • Official Apple Pre-order & Discussion Thread

    We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!   Pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 begin bright and early Friday, September 13 at...
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  • Verizon phone on TMobile network VOICEMAIL FAIL!

    I switched from Verizon to Tmobile for their unlimited data and text family plan. I am using my Verizon Note 3 and I've been trying to set up my voicemail, but it's been nothing but frustrating. Verizon was not this c...
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  • Unable to turn on front camera w/ OnePlus 6T

    Hi there,   Has anyone with OnePlus 6T experienced that unable to turn on the front camera?  Pressing the front/rear switch icon and nothing happens.  Rear camera works but the front is not working....
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  • Need receipt for phone purchase

    Hi, I am going to be taking my son's phone into an apple store to be looked at.  The email said we may need proof of purchase.  Can I get a copy of purchase receipt?
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  • How can i check on my phone's unlock status?  I placed the request already.

    How can i check on my phone's unlock status?  I placed the request already.
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  • Stock Firmware for Revvl 2 Plus

    I need the stock firmware for my Revvl 2 plus   Here are the particulars:   Hardware:mt6763 Board:a70axltmo CPU ABI:armeabi-v7a Manufacturer:tcl Model:revvl 2 plus Android Ver:8.1.0 bootloader ...
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  • SyncUP Drive and 2016 Ford F150 - Power steering assist fault

    This morning I went out shopping and everything was working fine. When we got out of the store my truck gave a Power Steering Assist Fault and other faults related to steering. The steering wheel was extremely hard to...
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  • Apple iPhone Upgrade Program with a Business Account

    I am currently on a t-mobile business plan and wanting to upgrade my iPhone using the Apple iPhone upgrade plan. I have done this the last two years with the same t-mobile plan without, however now the app fails to co...
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  • Assurant is not helpful

    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ prism white I waited over a month to be able to get this phone in this color. I have a 1 year old son who happened to grab my phone and dropped it and the screen cracked. Well I ...
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  • My phone randomly shuts off + more...

    When I was watching Netflix on my phone, my phone turned off out of nowhere. So, I tried pressing the power button and it didn't work. I had to search up ways to get it to turn back on and one of the ways was to hold ...
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  • iPhone Hotspot connects devices to different Tmobile server than the phone is on

    My iphone 8 plus is connected to the Tmobile Detroit server correctly like it should be. But when I tether my ipad and pc's to the hotspot on the iphone they all get connected to the same but different ip address on...
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  • Apple Pre-order FAQs

    Find the answers to your need-to-knows about pre-ordering your new Apple device below! Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Check out our Apple discussion or create a post here!   Check out the deals! T-M...
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  • Can I find mobile plans T mobile offered in the past?

    Hi,   For academic purposes, I am looking for a list of plans T mobile offered '12-'14. For example, T mobile offered plans like "Simple Choice" and "MyFaves" something like that, but I was unable to find speci...
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  • Is the iPhone 11 Pro unlocked when purchased from T-mobile?

    When an iPhone 11 Pro is purchased from T-mobile by a current T-mobile customer on a prepaid plan, will that iPhone be unlocked from the time it is originally purchased or will it be locked into T-mobile for two years...
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  • Apple iPhone Upgrade Program problem

    I am a T-mobile user ever since I got my iPhone 5S, approximately 5.5 years ago. I decided that I would now like to upgrade to the iPhone 11 and enroll in Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program but, when I input the required ...
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  • Please delete this account. TY

    The Title         
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