• Payment

    Can I add two different payment methods for an account? Can I pay my line with one card and the rest with another card? Or do I have to pay using one card only?
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  • my t-mobile revvl plus will not turn on. when plugged in the red light flashes but does not charge. battery or software?

    T-Mobile REVVL PLUS
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  • iPhone xs SMS message fail to send. "Number not Available"

    I activated my new iPhone 11 yesterday and ported the number fro ATT (over 24 hours ago).  I am unable to send SMS text messages.  When I send one, I receive the message "number not available. which number w...
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  • One plus 7t

    Has anyone had issue with the wake feature of one plus I have and only had it a few days tried to switch it to another device but guess you can’t unless you pay a 50 restock fee or you get the same device with i...
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  • Screen Lock on T Mobile REVVLRY

    What do you do if you forget the PIN code for the screen lock???
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  • Mistakes followed by lies and deceit.

    My local T-Mobile store associates incorrectly placed an order to my account which resulted in a demo model iPad mini being shipped to the store for me. It was as under remote management and inoperable. The store asso...
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  • 4G LTE with 4 bars but i can't connect or make phone calls

    I work on the North Austin area in TX, and while I'm at work which is when I need my phone the most I can't use it because the phone says it has 4G LTE signal with 4 on 5 bars but it doesn't connect to the internet, s...
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  • Is the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL being tested with the November 2019 security and feature update?

    The November 2019 security update was pushed by Google and other carriers on Monday.  T-Mobile support via Twitter said it was being worked on, however, the link below doesn't show any activity for the Pixel 4 or...
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  • Delay in sending picture text messages

    I am having a huge delay in sending a picture via text message.  At times it takes twenty minutes at others it takes ten minutes, and that is if it sends at all.  Regular texts go through right away.  T...
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  • Help with a Samsung SGH-T139

    Hello to who ever reads this. I have a Samsung SGH-T139 flip-phone with the Pay-as-you-go plan. In the past, I was able to send and receive picture messages.  Now, when I try to send, a picture message, I will g...
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  • I live in Japan about 6 months of the year and ......

    I purchased a Galaxy 8+ through T-Mobile and have used it with great success in Japan for the past two years. I spend 2 to 3 months at a time in Japan usually twice a year. This morning, for the first time, I receive...
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  • Alcatel Go Flip 3 Can't Sync With Google Account

    Hi,   I just started using the Altcatel Go Flip3 and am having issues connecting to my google account from the KaiOS. I cannot import contacts, setup gmail sync, or sync my google calendar. Each time I enter my ...
    created by etwenzel
  • Digits line not ringing

    The phone does not ring when someone calls my Digits line. My primary line works just fine. I've already tried logging in and out of the app and restarting my phone. These have fixed the issue in the past but not this...
    created by lauriekeiko
  • Switch to T-Mobile from AT&t.

    I switched October 13th from AT&t to T-Mobile. I switched over with a Sony xz-2. Which has been 12 but is not certified with T-Mobile definitely does not have band 71. Seems to work but when I do speed test it see...
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  • How to Switch from At&t to T mobile ?

    I had t-mobile for several years but I moved and the area I live in, doesn't have t-mobile service. Now I'm back and again want to use T mobile but my problem is that after switching there will be no any issue to my p...
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  • (S10+) Long Texts being sent as multiple small messages

    Hi,   Beginning around Friday my longer texts have been being received as a string of shorter messages. This has been happening to multiple people I text on multiple carriers. I reset the Messages App Cache, the...
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  • Flashing red light

    Galaxy S8 has a flashing red LED when the screen is off.  It is not connected to a charger nor is it on a wireless charging pad.  The phone is not hot, it is just lying quietly on my desk, screen off, red li...
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  • LTE not working

    LTE signal is no longer working.  Now defaults to 4G.  Is this a result of a Tower out of service or down for maintenance? 
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  • Question about family plan

    I'm in family plan, which is $112 a month. But why I was charged $125 after I set auto-pay. Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks.
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  • I'm not able to open websites

    here any problem with t mobile I'm not able to open websites for example if I visit valentine wishes    then again I'm not able to log in the same as google onces I visit then it's not working again i...
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