• T-Mobile Smartphone rental

    Does T-Mobile have a smartphone rental service, where one can rent a phone for a few months while only paying a monthly fee?
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  • Getting started: Samsung Galaxy A10e

    The Samsung Galaxy A10e is Samsung's fastest ever device and lets customers take full advantage of T-Mobile's expanding Extended Range 4G LTE network which travels twice as far and provides four times better in buildi...
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  • How can I change my font style.

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  • My Apple Watch

    Can I trade in my Apple Watch series 4 40mm to upgrade to a 44mm
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  • Military 50% off Samsung smartphones ended?

    Hello,                I was looking forward to taking advantage of the Military 50% off Samsung smartphone promotion. I talked to support and was ...
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  • Unable to submit rebate form for the COSTCOAPPLENOV promotion

    T-Mobile is running a promotion at Costco warehouses currently that gets you a rebate of up to 700 dollars with a new line and eligible trade-in devices.   I purchased an iPhone 11 yesterday and when I tried to ...
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  • Refer a Friend... cancel before 45 day lapse and redo the referral

    I joined T-Mobile from AT&T during October 2019, and have I have had three friend referrals successfully process. Two additional referrals I did, one for my son and one for his mother, with them both doing their '...
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  • I cannot send messages to a group larger than 20.  Is there anything I should try?

    This issue seems to be carrier related because others using the same phone and default app do not have this issue that are not on Tmobile.
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  • On a prepaid plan, if I buy an unlocked phone will I still get service?

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  • @tmomail.net MMS messages wont come through on a digits line

    I've had my tmobile line for a while and we use the email to text feature a lot.  To do this we email xxx-xxx-xxxx@tmomail.net.  This has always worked fine.  However last week we upgraded my line to a ...
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  • Why is my tethering speed so slow?

    My issue is similar to other threads I have seen here. I am a on a grandfathered Simple Choice NA plan with 10 GB of high speed data. I am not close to using all of my data. My data speeds are always around 10 Mbps (o...
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  • Google Account Sign-in from T-Mobile IP Address

    My google account has been accessed by an IP address registered to T-Mobile USA, on a Chrome browser on Windows. Is this cause for any alarm? Btw, I don't use chrome on my phone or windows computer. Thanks!
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  • Wi-Fi calling not working properly

    When I connect to my Wi-Fi network the Wi-Fi calling icon is lit up. However when I make a call it becomes greyed out and I'm unable to make a call or the call is very choppy because of poor cell signal. It does not h...
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  • Email to SMS Gateway Failure

    Our church management software solution has recently experienced problems sending messages to @tmomail.net users via Mailgun. (This works to all other email to SMS gateways.)   We are getting a XXXXXXXXXX@tmomai...
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  • Why doesnt Tmobile work when I leave Charlotte?

    If I travel outside of Charlotte i get horrible service. Is this normal?  For example if I travel to Chicago or Madison Wisconsin I might as well not bring my phone.  I am 20 miles away from Charlotte now an...
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  • Poor Coverage

    Does anyone else have poor cell phone coverage in Storey Park, Orlando, Fl?
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  • No network connection in mexico

    I'm in mexico right now and i cant make calls or text messages, It says no network connections. I even tried turning on the roaming, but is not working.
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  • Unlimited Talk & Text plan

    The Unlimited Talk & Text plan provides unlimited minutes and messages with all plan taxes and fees included if you do not want or need data on your phone. To see current pricing and add a plan, check out our curr...
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  • T-Mobile ONE™ Plus

    T-Mobile ONE Plus™ provides extra benefits on top of what you're already getting with a T-Mobile ONE™ plan for just $10 more per month when you add it to every talk & text line on your family plan (a $...
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  • T-Mobile Essentials™ for Tablets

    With T-Mobile Essentials™ for Tablets, you get a straightforward plan with unlimited texting, 4G LTE data and more on your Tablet. To see current pricing, check out our current options on T-Mobile.com.   O...
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