• Can I use Samsung Galaxy S9+ with T-Mobile service in Taiwan

    I checked the compatibility to use Samsung Galaxy S9+ in Taiwan and T-Mobile website doesn't show Samsung Galaxy S9+ is compatible.  If I have the plan with international coverage and the service, why does what k...
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  • Close my account

    I want my account closed. Have a service from different carrier and don’t need this T-Mobile anymore
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  • Can't Make Online Purchases

    I've been trying to buy the Galaxy S9 from T-Mobile since the day it was released. I've tried literally every single day on multiple devices and even through the app on my phone, my mom's phone, and my sister's. No ma...
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  • Unable to purchase phone online

    I've been trying to purchase a phone upgrade for my wife. At least 20 times now and every time I get to the end I get, "oops we've hit a snag". Then it kicks me back to the page showing the phone I want.   Anyw...
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  • Galaxy Gear S2 AT&T Switching to T-Mobile

    Hello Everyone,   So i was hunting for a new watch on craigslist. I seen a guy that was selling a brand new Gear S2. I completed the transaction however before that i called both carriers. T-Mobile Stated to me ...
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  • where can you find past phone numbers dialed in past months

    where can you find past phone numbers dialed in past months
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  • Broadband providers

    TVision delivers all of your favorite content in stunning picture quality. Check our broadband recommendation below to see how to make the most of it!   On this page: What's a broadband provider? Why does TVi...
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  • I cant recieve verification codes from certain sites?

    So I've been having this issue where I can't receive verification codes via text from sites like Amazon and Discover but I receive them phone from others. Is this a problem on tmobiles side? I've been talking with Ama...
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  • iPhone Upgrade Program Trade-In

    I am covered by the T-Mobile iPhone Upgrade Program and due for a trade-in. The front screen of my phone is in good condition but the glass back of my phone is cracked. Can I still trade it in?
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  • OnePLus 7 Pro - VoLTE and VoWiFI Notification Icons

    Hello all,   Is there a reason why T-Mobile has left these icons out? It would be immensely helpful to look at the notification area and know which I am running on. The international version of the phone has the...
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  • No internet since Monday 9/9/2019 - Galaxy S5

    I'm on Simply Prepaid (3GB 4G LTE) WC. I was on this plan for several years.   I was using Hotspot to connect to laptop and Pandora to stream in my car. I noticed I lost Internet connectivity on Monday 09/09/201...
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  • eSIM not installed when using T-Mobile eSim app

    I have just enrolled for a prepaid account using T-Mobile eSim app. All the process seemed to work fine (I got a phone number and had my CC charged) but in the end there was some kind of problem installing the new eSi...
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  • Primary Account Holder?

    We made this account a while back ago. My mom was the one who originally made the plan for my brothers and I. Now when my mom made the account she said she did not give a ssn so when it comes to setting the primary ac...
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  • Getting started: Samsung Galaxy Watch

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest watch, designed to fit your active lifestyle. Check out the details below to help customers get started using their new devices.   On this page: In the box Buttons and ic...
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  • Share & stream media: Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Learn how to read NFC tags, share your Galaxy Watch display, and exchange media with other NFC and DLNA-compatible devices using the Samsung Galaxy Watch.   On this page: Pair a device with NFC Set up NFC Mak...
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  • Music player: Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Use the music player on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.   On this page: Play music Sync music     Play music Your smartphone must be running the music app you want to play. Start the album or radio statio...
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  • Delete Account

    Hello.  How can I delete my support account?  Thank you.
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  • Notifications & ringtones: Samsung Galaxy Watch

    Learn how to set alerts, ringtones, and notifications on the Samsung Galaxy Watch.   On this page: Notifications Ringtones     Notifications When you receive a notification, it is displayed at then ...
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  • Cannot Text over WiFi with my LG G7 ThinQ

    I have an LG G7 ThinQ and I cannot send or receive text messages when I am on wifi. It doesn't matter if it is my home wifi, a corporate wifi, or a public business like a Starbucks, I can connect to the wifi to surf t...
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  • T-Mobile's "Self Serve" Is Hopelessly Broken

    I go Into a store to buy a new phone and the rep tells me that ordering in store has a $20 fee. So I go online to order, and the website will not let me complete the order due to a website error. I call customer servi...
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