• Is the TM-AC1900 ROUTER still supported?????

    A year or so ago, T-mobile provided me with a TM-AC1900 ROUTER ... (ASUS rebranded to T-Mobile).  They also provided a Personal Cell Spot 4G LTE which I refer to as an Extender or perhaps Booster.   Started...
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  • Please verify your 10 digit t-mobile phone number is correct

    I have called customer service/tech support for over 10 times regarding this issue, I am not able to sign up for my account, not able to link my number to my existing account, keep saying "Please verify your 10 digit ...
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  • Huawei Nova Lite 3 mms not supported, why?

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  • OnePlus 7 pro updates

    It appears OnePlus has had update version 9.5.10 out for several weeks now and T-Mobile has yet to send update out to their customers. The last two updates from T-Mobile have been only security updates for Android. On...
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  • Official Apple Pre-order & Discussion Thread

    We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!   The Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 are now available for purchase. This is the best place to cha...
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  • Software update page

    @tmo_mike_m I have a question/issue... on the Software Updates page (Software updates ) it talks about Android 10 and the phones receiving it.  So how about Pie/Android 9?  There are still phones slated to r...
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  • T-mobile submitted my phone for unlock and its still locked after 6 days

    I have a locked T-mobile galaxy s10. T-mobile submitted my phone for unlock and its still locked after 6 days. Customer service said it qualified for unlock and that I would hear back in 24 to 72 hours via email about...
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  • Texting issues when connected to WiFi

    I've been having an issue for about a week now where as soon as my phone connects to Wifi, I begin having issues sending and receiving text messages. I've been having the same issue as well as my Girlfriend, her Mom, ...
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  • WiFi Calling stopped working on LG K30

    I have an LG K30.  I use WIFI calling at my dad's because he has poor cell coverage.  About 3 weeks ago it quit working.  I spent about an hour on the phone with support.  They said everything is g...
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  • No internet since Monday 9/9/2019 - Galaxy S5

    I'm on Simply Prepaid (3GB 4G LTE) WC. I was on this plan for several years.   I was using Hotspot to connect to laptop and Pandora to stream in my car. I noticed I lost Internet connectivity on Monday 09/09/201...
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  • Android SPL 2019-08-05 Availability

    Does anyone have any idea when the 8/5 Service Patch Level will be available on T-Mobile?   I am currently blocked from my work email and calendar due to the vulnerability announced here and I can't find anythi...
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  • T-Mobile denying connection to one specific roaming tower

    I frequently travel to a remote area of southern Utah that is served by only one tower near the top of Navajo Mountain.    This tower is shared by National Park Service (VHF), Verizon, and Commnet-USA. Acc...
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  • Email to text gateway tmomail.net is rejecting messages with 550 blocked error

    Hi, For the past 3 weeks, messages sent to number@tmomail.net are being rejected and returned with a message like this:   550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (1234567890@tmomail.net:blocked)  ...
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  • Great Injustice Done Against me!

    After 15 years of being a loyal customer with flawless pay history, due to the reception problems around my new home I had no choice but to look for other options so, I have decided to give AT&T a shot. On August ...
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  • hot spot while out of country

    can you purchase a month plan so that you can use your own phone as a hotspot for wifi?@
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  • Note 10+ no chat?

    I switched from Sprint and purchased the new Note 10+. With Sprint I had a Note 8 with chat features like read receipts and indications when they're typing. Why does the new Note not have this? When I go to turn it on...
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  • Grandfathered Simple Choice is not $10 for added lines, wrong info TM

    I recently messaged TM to inquire pricing for adding a line to my Simple Choice North America 6GB Family Match. I explained that I was grandfathered in that plan and was hoping it was still $10 for adding lines. The r...
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  • payments

    I bought a refill card on 9/13 for my bill. That was used and said it was valid. Payment done. Yesterday it says I owe 50 and my phone is shut off.
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  • Upgrade

    I recently upgraded to a newer phone and decided to order the upgrade online. The upgrade says it takes 48 hours to get tracking information, but it’s been well over 48 hours since I ordered the phone and I have...
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  • Unable to see bill history

    Yo, T-Mobile. You broke my account. Fix it. Thanks!  
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