• I would like to upgrade my iPhone 8 but the back glass is shattered.

    I started the process and passed the 4 point inspection. Even though it says that the remaining balance will be covered by Tmo I want to be 100% sure the will take the phone. I don't care if I don't get any credit tow...
    created by hiramcintron
  • Background Noise on HD Calling (Pixel 4)

    My wife and I recently updated to Pixel 4's from older models. Every time we call each other now, we can hear every single background noise on each other's end, to the point where we just won't call each other unless ...
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  • OnePlus7Pro Oxygen OS  10.0.1.GM21AA

    If OnePlus has had the Stable, Finished OnePlus7Pro Oxygen OS Update 10.0.1.GM21AA out since October 18th, 2019 then why has T-MOBILE been unable to forward any Android 10 update as of yet, half way through November?‽
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  • Battery Drain on LG V30 after System update.

    Anyone else having problems with battery drainage and charging on their V30 after this last update.  My wife and I both having this issue.
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  • People calling me are getting a busy signal or continuous ringing

    It has been reported to me that when some people are trying to reach me, they are getting a busy signal or continuous ringing. I am not receiving any notification of this unless they text me or I happen to call them ...
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  • Is there a grace period to recover lost balance in an expired prepaid account?

    I am grandfathered into the old Pay As You Go as a gold rewards member. I regularly top it off annually to keep the phone active as a emergency spare. This year, i didn't receive any alerts from T-mobile and the accou...
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  • Unlocked the phone

    здравствуйте! заблркирован телефон под вашего оператора, прошу разблокировать его, так как срок контракта с Вами истек. iphone 5s 16gb model A1533
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  • Digits is saying I deactivated it

    When I did not. What is the deal?
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  • Tmobile sucks

    Why their customer service sucks so bad. I bought a brand new phone s10 2 to 3 months after it came out, 6 months later i stated experiencing issues with phone , call customer care they tried to help failed tried to s...
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  • Carrier Aggregation on the A20

    Hi I was wondering if the A20 has 3xCA or not cuz there has been a couple of sources that state that it might have 3x CA but it's has been limited by firmware in other words Samsung or T mobile pretty much capped the ...
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  • I bought my Samsung S9 plus on eBay but as soon as I installed a T-mobile simcard, all the Tmobile bloatware got installed on my phone, how do I get rid of it?

    I bought an unlocked Samsung S9 plus cellphone on eBay. During a vacation trip, my rental company gave me a T-mobile SimCard as a promotion. The problem is that all the Tmobile bloatware installed on my phone. Now I n...
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  • Upgrade Credit..

    I Was wondering can you upgrade or get any credit towards an iPhone 11 pro max (64 gb) after trading in an iPhone 11 (64gb)
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  • website images not showing on t mobile data

    whenever i open websites images not show on t mobile data for example if i recently visit best women's boxing shoes images will  not show then i connect wifi its show everything issue is with website or my sim gu...
    last modified by magenta10325138
  • Buyer's Remorse

    I was told at a store in Redmond that I can return my phone with in 30 days if it was shipped to me. I walk in to store to return and the guy in-store asks me to call 611 to process the return and yes he did said agai...
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  • Help with a Samsung SGH-T139

    Hello to who ever reads this. I have a Samsung SGH-T139 flip-phone with the Pay-as-you-go plan. In the past, I was able to send and receive picture messages.  Now, when I try to send, a picture message, I will g...
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  • Not able to answer T-mobile digits line using bluetooth headset & answer button on headset

    I have T-mobile digits on my Samsung Note phone. When using my Bluetooth headset, if I get an incoming call on my T-mobile cell number, I can just push answer button on my Bluetooth headset and the call goes to the he...
    last modified by spencerlhasa
  • Can a signal booster disrupt your workplace?

    I work at a tech manufacturing plant and am wondering if I use a signal booster (the one that doesn't require wifi) will it disrupt my workplace processes? Also, can they see that you are using the device without phys...
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  • FamilyMode app

    FamilyMode is a T-Mobile-branded app for parents to monitor their family's internet on the T-Mobile cellular network and any Wi-Fi connection.   On this page: About the FamilyMode app Setup FamilyMode History...
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  • Phone "freezes" when charging

    When charging, my Samsung Galaxy S4 "freezes".  The time stops advancing, the percentage of battery life does not update, and the phone will not respond at all until I restart it.  This just started happenin...
    last modified by phrantom16
  • Samsung BOGO Offer

    Hi Friends,   I have recently bought two Samsung Note 10 plus devices on the Costco BOGO offer by adding a new line (only one). I am planning to gift one of the phones to my friend who might require it to be unl...
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