• Get to Know Your Customers Day Thread!

    Getting to know you is great aid in building a stronger relationship and shaping the Un-carrier experience... and Get to Know Your Customers Day is coming up this Thursday, July 18th! So don't be shy! Join the convers...
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  • Calls Going Straight to Voice Mail Solution

    I have Moto G7 Power that was doing this. Where this setting may vary for you depending on your phone. Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Network> Advance>Perferred network type> LTE (recom...
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  • Cell spot interfering with regular wi-fi

    I received my cell spot yesterday and plugged it in the way it says to and it seems to be working great. I now have full service where I had almost none before. However, trying to run any apps on my television today s...
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  • Device deals

    Looking for a great deal on a phone or tablet? T-Mobile has tons – check out the info below to help you decide what's best for you!   On this page: Recently added deals Apple deals Samsung deals LG de...
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  • Expired deals list

    If you need info about your promo, we got you covered! The following promos are no longer available (expired), but you may have met the requirements and might still be able to submit for your rebate or qualify for bil...
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  • 2019 Summer iPhone Trade Up

    -Offer no longer available- For a limited time, trade in an eligible device and purchase a new Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XR, Xs, or Xs Max on EIP to save up to $300 (depending on trade-in device) via trade-in credit and...
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  • Costco 2019 Summer iPhone Trade Up

    -Offer no longer available- For a limited time, trade in an eligible device and purchase a new Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, Xs, or Xs Max at a Costco warehouse location at full retail price to save up to $300 (depending on...
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  • 2019 Summer iPhone Save and Switch

    -Offer no longer available- For a limited time, purchase an Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, XR,XS, or XS Max on EIP, trade in an eligible phone, and port a number into a new line of voice service to get up to $750 off via 24 ...
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  • One Plus 7 Pro updates

    This will be the last time I buy a TMobile branded phone.  Phone is still on 9.5.7 and I see people on 9.5.10  I guess it is time to flash the international software to get updates to a phone .
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  • Reason Code ReToCC

    Does anyone have a T-Mobile Acronym dictionary? I lost mine.   I got a text message (from TMO) saying that my auto-pay was cancelled, alarmed because I did not cancel it and I am the ONLY authorized user on all ...
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  • Call logs missing 2 digits of area code

    This is the first time I see this happens. After the current month of usage the call logs take away the first 2 digits of the area code. My phone is business and I can't even guess what they could be. Please help.
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  • Software updates: moto G7 power

    Use this page to identify software versions for the moto G7 power as well as details on recent software updates.   On this page: Identify the device's current software version Review software version details ...
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  • How to disable pop-up warning about Data roaming

    I have the T-Mobile Simple Choice North America plan, which includes free overseas texting and roaming (I'm currently studying in the UK). Yesterday my Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 received and installed a T-Mobile software...
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  • OnePlus 7 Pro Update -- OxygenOS 9.5.7

    It looks like OnePlus just put up a substantial to OxygenOS. Updated to 9.5.7. Is this update coming soon? Can we update this on our own?     Changelog: CameraImproved overall contrast and color performan...
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  • How a tourist can order a SIM card from abroad

    Hello,   I plan to visit US and would like to order a prepaid SIM card with Tourist Plan. On on-line form T-Mobile requires to enter an address in US. Which address I should give if I plan to stay in hotels and ...
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  • Coverage issues in White Mountain Resort NH area

    I have been extremely disappointed in the coverage, or lack thereof,  in the area of the White Mountain Resort NH. This is a popular skiing and recreation area and I can't even make a call or text, let alone any ...
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  • Multiple devices on hotspot

    So we live in a tiny town with horrible internet company as our only internet option.  Wondering if I can add an extra line and use it as a hotspot for two nest cameras and a Honeywell thermostat?    ...
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  • Google app no longer working correctly on LG v40

    For some reason, the Google search app is no longer displaying correctly. It's like the search results are "visually" truncated after 1 1/2 screens of information.   For example, I searched for "blueberries" in ...
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  • iPhone Hotspot connects devices to different Tmobile server than the phone is on

    My iphone 8 plus is connected to the Tmobile Detroit server correctly like it should be. But when I tether my ipad and pc's to the hotspot on the iphone they all get connected to the same but different ip address on...
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  • What phone to migrate to from Windows Phone?

    I know that this really is each person's personal opinion. But I'd like to hear what others have to say about those of us still using a Windows Phone. My first two cell phones were basic Nokia's from T-Mobile. Then wh...
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