• Here’s why nobody should continue using T-mobile

    published review 10/11/19 In summary, here are the issues we encountered with T-mobile: - Coverage map is false advertising and flat out inaccurate (which after calling T-mobile they confirmed an area they claimed to...
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  • Why are updates on the OnePlus 6T being forced?

    Twice now, that I've noticed, I've had my phone 'shut down' unprompted, only to reboot shortly thereafter, install a system update, and then resume, interrupting whatever task I was doing at the time. (The first time,...
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  • Disable T-Mobile Startup Sound LG V30+ Android 9

    I just updated my LG V30+ to Android 9 last night.  I absolutely HATE that Stupid T-Mobile startup sound.  I was using Silent Boot with all previous versions of Android on this phone and my LG G4 - it no lon...
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  • LTE Suddenly Not Working on TMobile - Sony Xperia XA2 H3123

    Okay, first thing I'm posting this same thing on Sony as well to see if there is anything they come up with, and I've spoken to the TMobile tech department, James, which they have gotten basically no where in resolvin...
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  • LG V30 Official Pie

    The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?
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  • Overseas Travel: How can I avoid incoming call costs but still use free text/data roaming while abroad?

    We're planning to travel to Europe later this year and would like to take advantage of T-Mobile's free international text/data roaming. However, I saw that incoming calls are charged at one minute even if you don't an...
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  • "GPS signal lost" - constantly!

    When I'm driving and using GPS location high accuracy for Google Maps on my phone, I very very often get the 'GPS signal lost' error happening while using the maps.  So often in fact, that I believe there is some...
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  • "Difficulty access the Voicemail server" Android Visual Voicemail

    For a few months now, the Visual Voicemail Android App on my Galaxy Note 8 has not worked.   There are no voicemails listed even though I have voicemails (I have to call the voicemail listen) and when I hit 'Re...
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  • Note 9 - September security update

    When is the September 2019 security update going to be released for Note 9?  We're at the end of September, the patch has been available since 9/5/2019, and we still have no update.
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  • Reset CoolPad remotely

    Can T-Mobile reboot a CoolPad hotspot device remotely?  I'm testing the device in a vacation home and it's worked great for a couple weeks to monitor the wifi thermostat.  It's apparently lost connection wit...
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  • Pentax dslr to samsung galaxy photo transfer method

    How to transfer photos from camera ( pentax dslr ) to samsung galaxy phone  using micro usb cable.   Reading from web pages, the phone must be rooted android phone to transfer photos, what is this?   ...
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  • Email to SMS Gateway Failure

    Our church management software solution has recently experienced problems sending messages to @tmomail.net users via Mailgun. (This works to all other email to SMS gateways.)   We are getting a XXXXXXXXXX@tmomai...
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  • I have a iphone6s plus,. How am I supposed to unlock it?

    I bought a iphone6s plus, on ebay and I need to unlock it, but I don't know what I should do. This device fully meets the unlock requirements. Who can help me?
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  • Digits app stopped working

    There's an issue after issue with digits app. It was a great idea but bad implementation. I was a beta user via my older galaxy phones but since i switched to s10 i was forced to use the actual app vs native samsung m...
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  • T-Mobile Responds to 2019 California Wildfires

    T-Mobile is keeping a close eye on the wildfire situation unfolding in Southern California, including the destructive Saddleridge fire, and monitoring any impacts on our network.   At this stage, we are not seei...
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  • OnePlus 7 / 7 Pro Oxygen OS 10 Update

    When will One Plus receive the software update? From your website it does not look it is eben in line to be tested. Everyone else in the world will receive it except T Mobile customers.   Software updates S
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  • Samsung Galaxy s9 plus updates blocked?

    Hi,   I have a factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy s9 plus with tmobile sim. My software version was stuck on the January update from Samsung. Each month i would read posts stating that Samsung had released the lat...
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  • GamesBX world fast games

    hello reader The days of technology and our lives gradually change with the pace of development, and we work from morning till night to never take a rest to catch up with life. It is not uncommon because we need to w...
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  • Trade up

    I traded a 6s phone for a Apple XR in august got a $200 credit ( I got two phones that day) I we to pay off both phones yesterday and was told if I did I would loose my credit is this true?
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  • APN setting is grayed out and cannot use new ones.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and with the recent update, I'm being force to use IPv6 on my APN setting. Unfortunately this causes a lot of issue with my apps. A lot of my mobile games still uses IPv4 as well as my V...
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