• I'm a Chinese. I can't call or contact T Mobile people.

    I'm a Chinese. I can't call or contact T Mobile people. I need to unlock my iPhone 7. Can you help me? My iPhone 7 device IMEI is 359213078976053. What else do you need? Please leave a message to me. Thank you very much.
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  • I'm a Chinese. I can't call or contact T Mobile people.

    I'm a Chinese. I can't call or contact T Mobile people. I need to unlock my iPhone 7. Can you help me? My iPhone 7 device IMEI is 359213078976053
    created by zhangkai0523

    My iphone is paid off from Tmobile. I requested an email to unlock the iphone I received it, followed the steps exact but when my phone rested and i inserted the NEW SIM card from a different carrier. It read " SIM NO...
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  • Galaxy s10 unlocked vs tmobile

    what is advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy s10 unlocked vs tmobile
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  • T-Mobile App not working with my prepaid account

    I signed up for a t-mobile prepaid account about a month ago and each time I try to open the T-Mobile App I get the message "Sorry we're not ready for you yet. We're working on improving your app experience." I have a...
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  • July patch?

    I've noticed that other people have gotten a July security patch update for the s8, s9, and note 8, but I haven't. Have you guys rolled it out yet or is it my side?
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  • Esim with existing t-mobile number?

    Currently have a simply prepaid plan with T-mobile that I am very happy with.  It uses an old fashioned SIM card.  Looking to buy a new apple phone and use the eSim technology.  It looks like my plan is...
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  • Get out of the red.

    I have used "get out of the red" before. I switched to T-Mobile when I was deployed, only because they were the only carrier that was there. When I returned home, I promptly switched back to Verizon. I am beginning to...
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  • Official Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pre-order & Discussion Thread

      The rumors are true: the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are headed our way on August 23rd, and we know you might have a few questions!   Starting this evening, August 7th at 9 PM PST, pre-orders f...
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  • Forced to Change My Password...

      I was unable to login to My T-Mobile just now to pay my bill, unless I changed my password... It said my password was "getting old."     I went ahead and did it (just adding +1 the the number already...
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  • Unlocked Galaxy S10 on T-Mobile still stuck on May update

    Many of us rocking the unlocked US Model are frustrated about still not getting an August update when were almost in the month of September now... I know the carrier models already got theirs but for those with unlock...
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  • My phone number in the 'About' section is settings doesnt match my phone number

    The about page in settings shows my temporary number. It has been 3 months since i ported over to T Mobile, and it has not changed. It is affecting my MMS messages - since that time - my phone adds my phone number to ...
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  • 5G Rollout

    Ive heard that 5G is being rolled out by verizon in sacramento area...when will you be here T-Mobile! Also, why no 600Mhz here yet
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  • No roaming data in Canada since 3 weeks on prepaid account

    Established account in late Feb 2019.  Everything worked fine for 1 month.  Now for the past 3 weeks I get NO / 0 Data while roaming in Canada even though I pay $5/month for roaming in Canada/Mexico. &#...
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  • Charged Briefly

    Wondering why my phone will no longer keep a charge? Thanks.
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  • T-Mobile One roaming does not work in France on Samsung Galaxy

    I just came back to the US from a trip to Europe.   In Belgium, UK, and the Netherlands T-Mobile One data roaming works without any problem, however in France (Paris specifically) there is no data connection...
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  • It sucks TMo is disabling android native visual voicemail

    I don't want to use TMo's app.  I'm sure it'll just have ads or do data collection or just otherwise be bad -- it only has 3.5 stars in the play store and looks to be filled with bugs.  You guys suck for dro...
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  • Upgrade Support Charge?

    Has anyone been charged or know what an "Upgrade Support Charge" is when buying a phone from a T-Mobile store?  I was charged this fee of $20 when I recently bought a Galaxy S7.  I will admit I should have l...
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  • Phone is Blocked

    My phone was reported as lost or stolen. The phone is now in my possession. I have gone to a TMobile Store twice. They could not unblock. I have called customer service 4 times and opened tickets. Phone is still block...
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  • Iphone 8 PLUS LOCKED

    The subject is related to the Iphone  PLUS with IMEI 356775088860140 , was requested the unlocking of the same Wednesday, but still today he still has SIM locked for chips in Brazil, could someone tell me the dea...
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