• International Pass, How do you bill me?

    New International Pass Options...and Destination Ideas   The Passes International pass options include: The new 5GB International Pass includes 5GB of high-speed data to be used up to 10 days for just $35, or ...
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  • I bought a new phone within the return policy and I want to return it to get the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. How do I go about this?

    Sorry if this is a basic dumb question but i've never returned or pre ordered a phone before. I bought a new iPhone on Sept 2nd which is still within the 14 day policy. I wanted to return the phone and get the new iPh...
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  • retrieve deleted voicemail

    Is there a way to retrieve a deleted voicemail?
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  • T-Mobile's Webpage

    I am a 20 year customer of T-mobile, but I am very frustrated and may not be a customer much longer.   Over the past year or two, I have found it increasingly difficult to access the TMobile website, regardless ...
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  • Caller ID for outgoing call is not working with T-Mobile One Plan.

    Caller ID on my family plan was working perfectly fine on Aug 21, 2019, week after the caller ID on family plan reset to Primary owner's name. I have called Tech support 3 times, every time with the promise to solve ...
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  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max  JOD pricing

    Hi,   Last year we had the JOD pricing for the new iPhones several days before "pre-order" Friday.   Can someone please post the JOD prices (down payment and monthly installment) for each model  (11, ...
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  • How can I get T-Mobile to correctly apply the $10 Kickback discount each month without having to call?

    Each month I have to call into customer support to get the $10 kickback discount for using less than 2 GBs of data. Without fail, it's never applied to my bill and my dad's line has not ONCE used over 2 gigs of data. ...
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  • Two prepaid numbers on account prevents account access

    I recently got a new prepaid sim while travelling in the USA. I had the exact same type of SIM a year or Two prior as well. i was able to successfully add my new number to my existing t-mobile account (I know this as ...
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  • Personal Hotspot with Amazon Fire Stick4K problems

    I am not able to stream  using Netflix or any of the other streaming apps via Amazon Firestick 4K connected to T Mobile Personal Hotspot. The YouTube App does not stream but Youtube streams if I just launch it vi...
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  • S8 active update is out

    The update is out for the s8 active and it looks like they copied apple's iOS
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  • Official Apple Pre-order & Discussion Thread

    We're stoked to introduce Apple's fall line-up, heading to T-Mobile!   Pre-orders for the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple Watch Series 5 begin bright and early Friday, September 13 at...
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  • Apple iPhone Upgrade Program with a Business Account

    I am currently on a t-mobile business plan and wanting to upgrade my iPhone using the Apple iPhone upgrade plan. I have done this the last two years with the same t-mobile plan without, however now the app fails to co...
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  • Cannot link account

    I signed up for T-Mobile from Cricket on the second week of August. I cannot log into my account on T-Mobile and it keeps telling me the error:   Oh no!    We have run into an issue when linking this n...
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  • Transferring Number From Verizon To T-Mobile

    Hi All,   I need to find out how long it takes to transfer my old numbers (2 lines) from Verizon to T-Mobile. We are unable to get phone calls to the old numbers and that is what everyone has. Please let me know...
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  • Global Plus 15GB

    I am thinking of adding Global Plus 15GB for my trip to Morocco. I was reading people were having problems with speeds on this addon. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with Global Plus 15GB?
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  • T-Mobile denying connection to one specific roaming tower

    I frequently travel to a remote area of southern Utah that is served by only one tower near the top of Navajo Mountain.    This tower is shared by National Park Service (VHF), Verizon, and Commnet-USA. Acc...
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  • New Android Auto UI for Samsung S9+

    The New Android Auto UI has been available for sometime now, but is only enabled after a configuration change is pushed to phones. Given that you (TMobile) control the OS that is pushed to the phones and have the OS l...
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  • Lost internet access on renewal

    Hi All, My account renewed two days ago (autopay, prepaid account) and since then I can't access internet using the network data, only wifi. I have the 4g lte connection, nothing changed on my side, same fone, same p...
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  • Dead Zones in Asheville

    Hi, Who can I speak to about dead zones in Asheville, North Carolina? Not only is my office building a deadzone, but so is the parking lot and surrounding area. I have full bars half a mile down the road. I cannot ev...
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  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max on JOD

    How much is the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max going to cost monthly on Jump on Demand?
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