• Fair coverage seems less than fair

    In buildings near my home and to a lesser extent outside around my home it seems that the "Fair coverage" that the official map says seems to be less than fair. I had to force Wifi-calling on by turning VoLTE off or t...
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  • Need Tmobile Support Email

    T mobile keeps cutting off my service (Auto-pay will text me 2 days before due like always, everything's good, but then on the due date they won't transact and then they cut off my service. Website says I'm enrolled i...
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  • CVE-2019-2215

    Caught this on my news feed on Friday:   Google finds Android zero-day impacting Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi devices | ZDNet   Since I own one of the phones on this list, just wondering if anybody kno...
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  • Better T-mobile Tuesday

    Many of us have been with t-mobile for years and have convinced family, friends and co workers to join the company. When tmobile Tuesday was first started the prizes or gifts were much better than the latest update or...
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  • Receive a separate bill in a family plan

    I am part of a family plan and I would like to receive the bill of my line in my home address. Currently, I am paying the account holder. Is this something possible??
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  • Prepaid unlimited plan. Can watch unlimited youtube and music streaming?

    Hi, I have Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plan for 50 dollars plan. It says I have unlimited 4G LTE data. so this implies I can watch unlimted youtube, music streaming and etc? Anything I should be aware of ? Thanks,
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  • Moto G7 connectivity issues when mobile

    We just upgraded my wife's phone from a Moto G5+ to a brand new bought from Motorola Moto G7.  We switched the sim card and after 2 weeks we're noticing she's having trouble voice texting, sending an email, or ac...
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  • International Roaming in India

    I am a TMO customer for last 10 months. I do substantial amount of international travel. I am currently in India and I took a Consumer Global Plus plan that gives you unlimited voice and 15 Gb of data . This worked se...
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  • I can’t turn my WiFi on and I have reset my network many times

    I can’t turn my WiFi on and I have reset my network many times.   i Have an iPhone 7
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  • Can I continue to use T-Mobile's PAYG?

    I have activated T-Mobile's PAYG plan ($3) and it has been in use for three months. Recently I saw that T-Mobile has canceled the PAYG plan, and my account cannot be used to log in to T-Mobile's app. I will use this...
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  • 18W fast charger with airpods?

    Can the 18W fast charger for the iphone 11 be safely used with the airpods 2?
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  • Wow, charged full price for ONE DAY of service

    And here I thought T-Mo was the "un" carrier.  Charged for a full month of service, for one day of the billing period.  I thought at least the first DAY of service would be prorated, since apparently it was ...
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  • Processing Time

    My card was charged today and order status shows processing on my backordered iphone 11. How long does it normally take to go from processing to shipped?
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  • New iPhone Promotion starting Oct 4

    I contacted customer care about this promotion and believe I received some bad information and coming here to see what others think regarding the new (Oct. 4 start date) iPhone promotion.  I have two lines for my...
    created by magenta3638975
  • REVVLRY+ Pre-Purchase Question

    Considering this phone since it appears to be a rebadged Moto G7 Plus, except that it is released in the US with LTE bands 66 and 71.   We are long time Moto G (4/5+) users, and have found the Moto Actions to be...
    created by captainmidnight
  • Why doesn't T-Mobile itemize their bills?

    My company reimburses for cell phone bills up to a certain amount. However, T-Mobile only shows a set amount for the bill and does not show the cost of each line. For example, my bill is $140 with the 3rd line free, b...
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  • Email to sms gateway not working

    I used to get alerts on my phone by using phonenumber@tmomail.net   Stopped receiving these alerts about an year ago   All other carriers are getting these alerts, also t mobile users are getting these ale...
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  • TMobile Wifi calling no longer option. False advertisement?

    I upgraded the firmware on my TMobile Galaxy J7star, then wifi calling disappeared. I tried eveything to get it back without solution. Now, this becomes false advertisement by TMobile offering wifi calling which is no...
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  • Home Internet - Port Forwarding not working

    I received and configured my LTE Gateway, TM-RTL0102 about a week ago. It works almost perfectly. Speeds are solid, both up and down. Only problem is that port forwarding isn't working. I've got the virtual servers co...
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  • suspend account temporarily

    Kindly Suspend my account till further notice to stop any unnecessarily charges. 
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