• How to turn off Amber Alerts

    How do I turn off Amber Alerts on my Galaxy S7. Instructions on web site say to go to Devices Page, but there's no "Devices" heading on my Settings list!
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  • No service in L'enfant Plaza DC

    There has been no service in the L'enfant Plaza area of Washington DC since yesterday. When will this be addressed and fixed?
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  • Prepaid Plan

    Hello   I created a prepaid plan for 30 days. My question is do I have to cancel it or will it cancelEd by itself after 30 days if I don’t charge it again ?   Thank you
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  • Galaxy S10, you refuse to unlock

    I have a galaxy S10 that I bought from pre-order on the samsung website. At the time I was unable to click the unlocked option and chose t-mobile since we would use it on the network anyways. Now we are moving oversea...
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  • Poor/No Service in Good Coverage Area

    Why do I have poor and frequently "no service" in areas listed as "4G LTE HD voice and our top data speeds, Fair signal: Cell reception outdoors and occasionally indoors" according to the T-Mobile coverage map (Patuxe...
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  • Smart Watch Device & Plan for Kids

    Verizon offers a great plan where you can buy a simplistically functional smart watch for kids that really serves more of a role for tracking via GPS and two-way voice communications with your kid. It's a $10/mth add-...
    created by magenta1759684
  • Cannot login to my T-Mobile account by using either web or app

    I cannot access my T-Mobile account in any way. I have tried both the web app and the Android app. In the web app, I get the following error: "Oh no! We have run into an issue when linking this number to the profile."...
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  • Cost of deductible

    How much is the insurance deductable on the iphone on my account?
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Exclusive deals on MLB tickets 1-year magazine subscription. From Hearst. $20 dining cred...
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  • Switched plan to Military and lost hotspot

    Hi, I was encouraged to switch to the military plan to save money. I specifically asked if I was losing any benefits, I was told it was exactly the same plan, just cheaper since I was military.   I find out late...
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  • Incorrect roaming warning?

    I received this text today: "The majority of the recent T-Mobile usage on line xxx-xxxxxxx has been roaming internationally. Per our terms and conditions roaming benefits are not intended for extensive use abroad." &#...
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  • OnePlus 6T can't send video through messages app

    I bought a OnePlus 6T from OnePlus directly, there is no option to send videos through the default messages app. So I press the plus button for more options only image, location, contacts and that's all. I don't see a...
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  • Password

    Why is t_mobile such a pain in the neck with wanting passwords changed so often. I have had my Verizon account for 15 years with the same password. Is your security so week that you have to make users change their pas...
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  • unlock code for a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T

    I dont have a T mobile number,  I bought the phone on ebay, a year ago, it was factory unlocked, was working fine, but couple days ago, i powered off the device, and when turned on since then, is asking for a unl...
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  • ESim - Post Pay Accounts

    Is there a timeline for this... there is need
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  • MLB.TV accidentally put in the wrong number

    I was given a access code to redeem and i went to activate it it asked for my phone number , but i accidently put in the wrong number how can I retrieve the access code?
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  • Defective NEW phone and store that won't give me new one

    I bought a NEW Galaxy S10 on 6/21/19 from T-Mobile, Northport, NY and it was defective.  Brought it back on 7/3/19 and the T-mobile rep EDDIE M. tried to change some settings.  I was well within the 14 day "...
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  • my.t-mobile.com notifications

    How do I get rid of notifications on my.t-mobile.com?
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  • susie

    **Got e mail conform code 988603 , but don't know where to conform ?? ***-******* ***Got e mail conform code 988603 , but don't know where to conform ?? ***-******* e mail would be better
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    Unfortunately,T-Mobile only cares about new subscribers. They do not care how long you've been with them. They do not care if you got ripped off. They do not care if your credit score has increased. They do not care i...
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