• Anyone using any North America Simple Choice Mobile Internet UNL Data plans?

    I originally had the one with 10GB 4G LTE and, when the high speed data ran out, the slower speed was still sufficient for web browsing etc.  So I downgraded to the 2GB 4G LTE plan assuming that when the high spe...
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  • Deleted texts

    can I read deleted texts
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  • Dual Sim working but a question

    I have a OnePlus 7 Pro - the unlocked version. I have 2 SIMs installed, one Tmo, one Verizon. Work pays for Verizon and it gives me a separate work line and other coverage options.   I have noticed the followin...
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  • Would like to hear comments from people who have used either the international "Global Pass" or "Data Pass"

    These are similar products, but seem to have slight differences. Here is what I got, from CS: === From TM CS: === Hi Mike, Thank you for reaching out to T-Mobile Care. I would be more than happy to go over the f...
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  • Why Isn't My Data Working?

    Hello there!   Earlier today I was using my phone, but I found that it wasn't loading anything. I checked to make sure that I wasn't connected to my house wifi still and that I simply didn't turn on my data, but...
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  • T-Mobile denies unlock request on Paid-off device

    I am very frustrated by T-Mobile.   About two years ago, I purchased a T-Mobile One Plan with them and purchased an iPhone 8. About two months ago, I decided to switch to Google Fi. I completely paid off the de...
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  • LG G7 wifi calling does not stay enabled after 9.0 upgrade

    Hello,   This was not a problem before the upgrade. Now I am needing to re-enable wifi calling daily it seems. I suspect it turns off when I leave wifi, and even though the preference is to use wifi for calling,...
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  • T-Mobile website email linking issue.

    Anyone experience issue having email link with your mobile number. I am fed up calling customer service. Past one year (NOT EXAGGERATING) my number can not link with account. T-mobile forced me to create multiple emai...
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  • Since Android 9 Update - no cellular service using same phone in same place

    I have occupied the exact same office for 18 years.  I have had the exact same phone for 2 years (Galaxy S8).  I never had a problem using my phone in my office prior to the recent Android update to Version ...
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  • how can I track my order without a phone number????

    So, here's the deal. I recently just joined T-Mobile as of... two days ago, I believe, and I purchased a phone. They didn't have the phone I wanted in stock, so I asked if there was a way to order it online and have i...
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  • G7 power not texting pictures

    My Moto G7 power will not send pics through text. It says the phone I am trying to send them to cancelled the download, when they did not. This is happening especially when trying to text from one G7 power to another.
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  • Pixel 3a Wifi

    I just wanted to confirm that the Pixel 3a does NOT have WiFi AX (WiFi 6). Your website currently lists that the Pixel 3a does have WiFi AX.
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  • T-mobile smartwatch

    Good morning, I'm trying to set up my t-mobile smartwatch even though I do not have a t-mobile phone does that matter that I don't have a t-mobile phone in order to set up my smartwatch? Also I'm not real famialer wit...
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  • 4G LTE Signal Booster has no effect

    I ordered a Personal CellSpot 4G LTE Signal Booster and set it up no problem. The window unit in a second story window always has 3-4 bars and the LTE light is green. The coverage unit in the basement shows an establi...
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  • Military discount after veteran passes away from service connected illness.

    Our family has the military plan discount as my spouse was a 100% disabled veteran from a service connected condition.  If my spouse passes away from that same service connected condition does our family get to k...
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  • Spam texts from T-mobile

    How do I turn off the spam texts T-mobile keeps sending me?  I can't find any setting in my account.
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  • Call Quality at work is awful.

    Good aftenroon,   I am a 15 year member with T-Mobile and love the ability to have service overseas and generally happy with the service overall.  While I am at work though I don't get any service at all at...
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  • T-Mobile needs to fix their messaging and documentation re: advanced vs. universal profile

    This is really sad and very CARRIER like. If you visit the "Advanced Messaging" page here:   Advanced Messaging   You notice it has not updated in about a year (CARRIER-LIKE). When you click the links to ...
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  • Pay As You Go - Legacy cannot connect to server getting gmail, sending photo to gmail

    Please does anyone know a fix?  Support did not: Plan Pay As You Go - Legacy.  Get Errors: 1 "Cannot connect to server" trying to send a photo to my gmail account.  2.  Error Failed trying ...
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  • insurance coverage

    I have a damaged phone and would like to know what the coverage, if any and how to go about getting it replaced?
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