• Two different shipping dates

    So I ordered the iPhone 11 Pro and Ofcourse it’s back ordered but the shipping date says 10/7-10/9 well it’s the 9th and I highly doubt it’s coming today but when I click on more details the shipping...
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  • 4G LTE CellSpots for organizations

    Does T-Mobile offer 4G LTE CellSpots or similar devices to businesses or non-profit organizations so their clients can make and receive calls while on premises? I often visit a place of worship in an area of Stockton ...
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  • Very slow SMS delivery

    I have a SwitchBox (https://switchboxcontrol.com/)   This is a box that uses a T-Mobile SIM to control power to remote devices. It is used typically in an aircraft hangar to turn on an engine pre-heater. It work...
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  • How does T-Mobile ONE Military work in Alaska?

    Hello.   I will be moving to Eielson AFB (20 mi south east from Fairbanks) in Alaska and wanted to know exactly how T-Mobile will work up there. I've read that there's roaming with GCI but it wasn't clear how th...
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  • iPhone 11 Charge

    I ordered my new phone on the 22nd of September. Today I was charged for it from my bank account. It said the ship date was 10/08/19-10/10/19. I checked this afternoon and the ship date changed back to the initial shi...
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  • LTE Suddenly Not Working on TMobile - Sony Xperia XA2 H3123

    Okay, first thing I'm posting this same thing on Sony as well to see if there is anything they come up with, and I've spoken to the TMobile tech department, James, which they have gotten basically no where in resolvin...
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  • iPhone 7 LTE Band12

    Hello T Mobile sent me an iPhone 7 to use until the new iPhones come back into stock, the phone will only connect to LTE band 12 which is our area is really slow. Average speeds of around 6Mbps which can be spotty for...
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  • Usage shows incoming and outgoing messages between my husband and I during times I wasn't texting him.

    T-mobile usage shows incoming and outgoing texts between my husband and I that lasted all day up to almost 4am. I was asleep during that time. From the usage under his number it shows we were talking all day, but from...
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  • Trade up

    I traded a 6s phone for a Apple XR in august got a $200 credit ( I got two phones that day) I we to pay off both phones yesterday and was told if I did I would loose my credit is this true?
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  • Official T-Mobile Tuesdays Thread

    T-Mobile’s keeping the awesome Tuesday offers rolling week after week! This weeks free treats include the following: Free 2-stack of Wednesday's Web-Cakes with purchase. From IHOP. Pick one free item. From Ta...
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  • I can not keep the same number if I switch plans?

    Greetings   I got a text from t-mobile about the $65 for 2 lines promotional plan, and I had a friend currently with Verizon that was willing to switch carriers to get into the plan with me, so I went to a T-mob...
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  • Is the Honor Play compatible with T-Mobile?

    Hi, I was planning on switching to T-Mobile, but I didn't know if the carrier was compatible with this phone: https://www.gsmarena.com/honor_play-9230.php I previously read that as long as the phone is compatible with...
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  • SMS / text messages to my daughter's phone randomly delayed 10 minutes or longer

    My cellphone and my daughter's are both on T-Mobile (though not the same plan).  I have an iPhone SE; my daughter has an Alcatel Flip.   My SMS / text messages to my daughter will randomly get delayed more ...
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  • ROG Phone 2 - no VoLTE

    Asus ROG Phone II specs - PhoneArena   This phone does not have VoLTE. How concerning is that for the future? Does that mean at any time when 2g and 3g are dropped that this phone can no longer make calls on T-...
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  • Billed for a year for unauthorized service add

    I found out when wife and I were upgrading to iPhone 11's that there was an extra line for $10 a month for a year, that gives a 2nd phone number to a phone. We did not know the line had been added to our bill because...
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  • Trade-in Label/trade-in problem

    I used the mailing label provided by T-mobile and had USPS pick up the package. The tracking, however, shows only that the label was created and not yet in the system. When asked, USPS explained that the returns agent...
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  • Updated internet speeds slows down after 50gb

    I have the 55 plan I pay $70 a month my internet speeds reduced at 50gb and sometimes it takes 20 mins to download a app is their any way i can get faster internet with no internet reduced i remember back in the days ...
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  • Can I activate (add new line) to my existing prepaid plan at home?

    Can I activate (add a new line) at home ?   I have Simply Prepaid Unlimited plan (50 per month). The webpage shows it is $30 to add a new line.   1) Buy a simcard at T-mobile store   2) For the new ...
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  • How Often Can I Toggle *ONE* of My Lines to/from T-Mo ONE to "No Data"

    First (to T-Mo personnel): do not tell me about or even mention FamilyMode: In my opinion and experience, it's worthless, easily defeated. Goal: To control data access to ONE of the lines in my larger plan. TL:DR: H...
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  • $1,638 Bill, Customer for 19+ Years and No Help from Fraud Department

    Anybody have any luck getting directly in touch with the fraud department?   I reside part of the year in Spain and my phone was stolen earlier in August and I called the next day to suspend service. I hadn't r...
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