• DIGITS + Call forwarding

    When I have DIGITS active on a line, call forwarding doesn't work. Is there a work-around?
  • App and Customer Service issues

    Anyone Else having this issue? The app almost never works right anymore and there is a whole new layout with a homepage that I don't want.  Prior to this latest launch of design, the app was simple, intuitive, qu...
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  • S8 not getting voicemail notifications (not visual voicemail)

    I don't want to use the visual voicemail. I want to the regular plain old voicemail but I'm not getting any notifications any idea how to fix this?
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  • Gear S3

    Just want to share some information and ask some questions about the Gear S3 and how you're using it.  I have had a TMob LTE since Feb 2018 and, after about a 2 month process, got one that worked fairly well. But...
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  • Worst phone disaster

    What's your worst phone or movile device disaster? I had a PDA  that I took on a walk and it got wiped out by a rainstorm. A friend drove over his phone (don't ask me how). Any similar stories?
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  • Legacy account disabled and T-mobile Id won't work

    I cannot log into my legacy T-mobile community account. It gives me "It appears your account has been deactivated. You might contact your administrator if you think this is a mistake."   I then proceed to log ...
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  • Email Login

    How do you set up an Android phone to require email login?
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  • St. Patrick's Day Traditions

    Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day! Many dress-up in green hoping to avoid being pinched, while others feast on corned beef and cabbage.   We're curious -- how do YOU celebrate St. Patty's Day?   Fe...
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  • Anyone dislike the Galaxy in-screen fingerprint reader as much as me?

    I upgraded from a Galaxy S8 to the 10. The new ultrasonic fingerprint reader is a mess. It works maybe 30% of the time on a first try, usually it takes 3 or more attempts to unlock the phone.   I've done all the...
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  • Why does someone who has been a faithfull T Mobile customer for over 10 years have to put $300 down?

    Can someone explain to me why after all these years, I have to put $300 down to get a new phone. I have always done 0 down now all of a sudden I can’t even upgrade the phone I have to give back in 2 months. I am...
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  • UI update Bluetooth Issues

    Ever since the UI update, I've been having to reconnect my devices, via bluetooth, about every 2 or 3 days, why?
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  • Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active.

    For the past 2 days everytime I try to text I get " Free Msg: Unable to send message - Message Blocking is active."   When I log into my T-Mobile account message blocking it's not turned on though. Have made mu...
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  • Tips on coverage needed

    Does anyone have imformation on the Band 71/600 MHz near 62294?  I switched to TMobile because they advertised coverage was good.   ww get no service just a few blocks from our house and several miles t...
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  • Network refresh on note 9 android pie!

    So instead of rebooting your phone every time You wanna refresh your network, you can go into your connection settings and perform a manual refresh or a automatic refresh!   Now right after updating to android ...
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  • Service down in 78834

    Anyone know when service expected to be restored.
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  • SIM Twinning / Cloning / Duplicate for "Light Phone"

    Hi,   I will be getting a light phone 2 as an additional phone. ( Light Phone 2 | Indiegogo )   It does not seem as though it will work with t-mobile Digits. i it possible to twin, clone, or get a duplicat...
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  • plan

    what is my current data plan
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  • One UI Note 9 lags

    I love the new update it's fast but not smooth it stutters and Lang's sometime. And can you please add support for Instagram camera mode to Note9? There are some bugs just fix those and everything will be perfect
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  • Order of notifications on Samsung Galaxy s7

    How do I change the order of notifications? 
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  • Text message showing number with characters

    Hello, hoping for some insight about a text message issue.  When I receive a text from a particular number, the format shows up like this: +15555555555 (+15555555555*) I just recently switched to T-Mobile and t...
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